Uelzena provides dairy Ingredients made in Germany

Uelzena eG showcases its dairy ingredients for a range of confectionery applications, specifically skimmed milk and buttermilk powder, butter and sweetened condensed milk and cream.

Uelzena eG is a dairy cooperative with four production plants and two sales units located in Northern Germany. As a milk specialist for the food industry, Uelzena produces milk-based ingredients like milk powder, butter, concentrated butter (AMF), sweetened condensed milk and cream.  

All ingredients are produced directly from fresh milk or cream – free from any food additives and are naturally clean label products. Uelzena sources most of their raw material milk from own contract milk producers in northern Germany. This means short transport routes and guarantees both the availability and highest quality of the raw ingredient. It also means Uelzena knows exactly where their milk comes from. Best conditions to produce high-quality milk ingredients.  

Skimmed milk powder and buttermilk powder 

The milk powder range primarily includes low-heat and medium heat skimmed milk powder and buttermilk powder. Uelzena aims to achieve the highest quality milk powders, which involves optimising the denaturation level, solubility, particle size and mixing behaviour, while also keeping dust formation low.  

Butter and anhydrous milk fat 

Uelzena produces many milk fats like branded butter and concentrated butter for international manufacturers in the bakery, confectionery and ice cream sectors. As well as a variety of speciality products such as laminating butter with a predefined melting point, milk fats with added vanillin or carotene, fat blends or decolourised white butterfat. 

Sweetened condensed milk and cream 

WS Warmsener Spezialitäten GmbH, one of the largest manufacturers of sweetened condensed milk, has been part of the Uelzena Group since 2006 and supplies major brand manufacturers with sweetened condensed milk and cream. The sweetened condensed milk has a nice smooth texture, a clean taste without any ‘cooked’ flavour, and is technologically resilient to further processing. The widely product range extends from classic sweetened condensed milk with halal, kosher, organic or Fairtrade quality seals to mixed recipes with added vegetable fats.   

Product safety and quality 

The production conforms to the highest technical and hygienic standards. These certified standards are strictly monitored in a high-level quality management system and are repeatedly confirmed in the multiple successful audits conducted by global food companies. 

Product overview: 

  • Low-heat and medium-heat skimmed milk powder 
  • Buttermilk powder 
  • Anhydrous milk fat 
  • Butterfat with vanillin or carotene 
  • Fine butterfat or softened with nitrogen 
  • Premium German butter 
  • Butter with added vanillin or carotene 
  • Decolourised white milk fat 
  • Milk fat fractions 
  • Blends from milk and plant fats 
  • Sweetened condensed milk 
  • Sweetened condensed milk with vegetable fat 
  • Delicatessen cream  
  • Customer-specific mixes/preparations 


Image credit: Uelzena
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