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About International Confectionery

As the leading authority in confectionery-related content, International Confectionery consistently offers news, expert commentary, and unique industry insights. We reach our audience through print magazines, digital platforms, virtual events, and YouTube videos.

Our magazine, published 10 times a year, provides in-depth features, expert insights, product case studies, and interviews with industry professionals, producers and manufacturers, maintaining our international market leadership.

Understanding trends and challenges in the international confectionery industry, we cover both chocolate and sugar confectionery, offering our print and digital readers a global perspective.

We’re expanding our digital footprint with virtual events, engaging industry experts in discussions about the latest developments. Our content offers insightful conversations with thought leaders, while our YouTube channel hosts a range of engaging videos.

Finally, our newsletters, website news, and social media engagement ensure our readers are always informed. We invite our audience to connect and actively participate across all our platforms.

About Hand Media

Hand Media International, founded in 1990, is driving transformation in various B2B sectors like Security, Fire, Confectionery, Bakery, International Trade, House Building, and B2C sectors such as Country Music. We pride ourselves on being independently owned and committed to excellence. Our expansion through international acquisitions showcases our dedication to innovation and quality.

We create and distribute seven impactful publications, inspiring change and pushing media boundaries with our content production approach. Alongside print and digital platforms, we host diverse virtual events, fostering networking, knowledge exchange, and industry advancement.

What sets us apart are our curated databases, supporting insightful analysis and targeted communication strategies, positioning us as market leaders. Our diverse team of dynamic and innovative individuals fuels our success and evolution.

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