Travel sector set to grow with Guylian at the forefront

After four years of absence, the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference will be returning to Singapore this year, from 7 to 11 May 2023. Over the last four years, several sectors have undergone profound changes, including the travel sector.

Like air travel, travel retail sales are on the rise again, no better known by Belgian chocolate brand Guylian. According to a research report, the chocolate market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.28% which can be attributed to the population explosion in China and India, as rising disposable income and Western influences are key drivers to increased chocolate consumption.

Importantly, chocolate has been viewed by Asian consumers as a luxury gift, to be consumed on special occasions, driving popularity for premium products, product innovation and branding.

At the show, in recognition of the growing importance of chocolate as a luxury gift, the company will be showcasing its recently renewed travel retail range, the exclusive Master’s Selection, the brand new Dark Praline Seashells – which will be launched in May 2023 – and the new look and feel of its in-store visibility.

Chocolate is not only consumed for individual enjoyment, but frequently given as a gift on various occasions; whether this is for holidays or birthdays, Guylian’s travel retail range in international airports is a culinary souvenir to share.

Features of the renewed travel retail range include the blue-green colour of the packaging to refer back to the North Sea, where the Founders got their inspiration for chocolate seashells in 1958, as well as the Brussels skyline in the background and the ‘traveller’s exclusive’ stamp on the packaging.

The recipe has also undergone change, as the updated version contains artisanally roasted hazelnuts and focuses on providing an intense taste experience. The chocolate seashells are made from Fairtrade cocoa and are palm oil and soy free.

The Master’s Selection was tweaked in its look, and is part of a move by the company’s to give it a “sustainable new look”, making the packaging cardboard and therefore 100% recyclable. It combines unexpected recipes with more classic flavours such as the original Guylian praline.

Guylian made a major investment to highlight its rebranding globally, by including a new in-store design for the travel retail channel and duty free shops, as well as taking important steps to increase sustainability by making all of its chocolate Fairtrade, cutting out palm oil and soy, and introducing recyclable packaging.

International Confectionery spoke to Tom Snick, CEO of Guylian, about the relaunch and rebranding of the company which took place two years ago. You can read the interview here.

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