Product Spotlight: the Finn Microcoater from DTG Finn

Championing chocolatiers’ passion and love for creation, DTG Finn unveils its solution for timesaving, waste reduction and development of new flavours and tastes with the Finn MicroCoater.

The challenge was to produce a solution for tabletop producers and make Research and Development projects easier for confectionery teams. 

Working off single phase electricity The Finn MicroCoater can be positioned in the most convenient position for the chocolatier, the ThermoDrive® belt, has the advantage of no joints, hinges or pins, once the product is coated it allows the application of powders, such as cocoa or fruit powders, and inclusions such as chopped fruit and nuts, to the dragee product. So much time and product can be saved as the imagination and development of new flavours and tastes can be made, as it is a manual process, immediate adjustments can be made.  

With so many changes being made to supply with emphasis on not only new centres along with the established favourites of the past, but also chocolate itself is changing.  The supply of top-quality chocolate, plant based chocolate and single origin is giving the inventive dragee producer lots to think about.  This machine which has a batch size of between 3-5 kgs allows those sessions to be efficient with as little waste or loss of product as possible.  We have one in our own trials room, and I think they are our engineers’ favourite days when we ourselves trial products, it’s a real hands-on experience, a long way from our sophisticated commercial machines, which have sensors, data and automatic batch processing. If you want to see what you can achieve this is an excellent way to do it! 

The technical stuff: – the machines weighs 70kgs, Max batch 5kgs, approx. batch time 20-25 minutes, very easy to clean, very easy to load and unload. Allen Bradley control panel. Intralox ThermoDrive® belt with Food Safety accreditation. Footprint W80cm X L60cm X H65cm. Power supply 240/120 volts. 

Of course, the correct air and dehumidification is always important to get your best product, we can supply a DC20/DC10 with cooling coil to achieve temp 10-14C and 45-48% RH.  It has a washable rotor, protected control panel, stainless steel chassis and is self-regulating. Power supply 240/120 volts.  Footprint W59cm X L104cm X H63cm. Weighs 64kgs 

The equipment all comes with a 12-month warranty and the commitment of DT&G Ltd Finn to assist in your own development. Of course, usually we are only needed in the initial batches because then serious work starts, and it all becomes highly confidential. That is what we want!  For Finn to be a part of the passion and love chocolatiers have for their products and the optimism, courage and opportunity to make the only the best. 


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