Cannabis-infused chocolates from Tasteology

Cannabis-infused chocolates

Jushi Holdings, a vertically integrated cannabis operator, has announced the launch of cannabis-infused chocolates from Tasteology, based in Massachusetts. The debut of the company’s latest product line, which was handcrafted by Jushi’s Director of Manufacturing and Just Desserts finalist Matt Petersen, marks the company’s entrance into the cannabis-infused chocolates market.

“Made using just a handful of ingredients … Tasteology Chocolates represent the culmination of extensive consumer research into taste and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to developing products that not only meet the diverse needs of consumers, but are also delicious,” said Jim Cacioppo, CEO, Chairman and Founder of Jushi Holdings.

The chocolates are 100% Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified, using beans that have been sourced from suppliers – including French chocolatier Valrhona – that embrace agroforestry and adhere to strict regulations protecting labour rights, biodiversity and food safety. The debut chocolates come in Milk, Dark and Strawberry Blonde Varieties, with Mint coming out soon.

“Sourcing the best ingredients was simply a no-brainer for us,” explained Mr Petersen. “So many edibles on the market today simply aren’t appealing to the palate. With Tasteology Chocolates, we were determined to bring consumers products containing all-natural ingredients, no preservatives, and some of the best cocoa you can buy.”

Tasteology Chocolates are available for purchase at Nature’s Remedy dispensaries in Tyngsborough and Millbury, Massachusetts. The new line is expected to launch in Virginia, at the start of 2023.

As cannabis markets mature, demand for edibles has grown at an “outpaced rate” in line with industry growth. Jushi’s first 4/20 Cannabis Insights Poll found that non-cannabis users (32.7%) would be most interested in trying edibles, demonstrating that the demand for edibles is strong and is expected to continue to grow.

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