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New carrot based EXBERRY powder delivers brilliant yellows

GNT muffins EXBERRY Shade Yellow Cloudy Powder

GNT Group has extended its range of yellow EXBERRY Coloring Foods with a new powder made from carrots. Available worldwide in addition to the existing liquid format, the EXBERRY Shade Yellow – Cloudy Powder enables manufacturers to deliver a brilliant yellow color shade in a wider range of applications. The powder is ideal for bakery…

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First ever SOUR PATCH KIDS store opens in New York City


To celebrate 35 years of fun and flavour, the SOUR PATCH KIDS brand is setting aside its usual tricks to make a big announcement. As New York City begins to reopen, the Kids are looking to make things a little sweeter for their fans by opening the doors to the first-ever SOUR PATCH KIDS store.…

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KRÖNER-STÄRKE develop wide range of spelt products to meet demand


In response to the spelt demand, KRÖNER-STÄRKE has developed a wide range of versatile spelt products at its all-natural processing facility, providing the food sector with spelt gluten, starches, flours and pre-gelatinised spelt starches. With a higher vitamin content than traditional wheat, spelt makes an excellent choice for health-conscious consumers. KRÖNER-STÄRKE’S spelt ingredients are ideal…

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GanedenBC30 probiotic claims published in Australia and New Zealand


Australian and New Zealand food regulators have published a range of digestive health claims for leading probiotic GanedenBC30. In Australia and New Zealand, the requirements for making a general level health claim are set out in in the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) Food Standards Code. Companies seeking to make a claim can undertake…

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Arla Foods Ingredients launches its first organic ingredient

Arla Food Ingredients

Arla Foods Ingredients has launched the first ever organic micellar casein isolate, helping manufacturers meet demand for organic, natural and functional protein products. Micellar casein isolate is a new ingredient which is rich in native milk proteins. It is extracted from milk using gentle processing without the addition of acids. The protein maintains its chemical…

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Nestlé Toll House delights fans by bringing back autumn baking favourites


Due to popular demand, Nestlé Toll House is bringing back three limited-edition fall baking truffles and refrigerated cookie doughs to enjoy all season long. Bakers and cookie lovers alike can relish the changing seasons with sweet, delicious options featuring fall-forward flavours and designs. First up, is the Toll House Pumpkin Spice Filled Baking Truffles, which takes…

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New GEA SmartPacker TwinTube offers vertical excellence


GEA has launched its new SmartPacker TwinTube vertical packaging machine onto the UK market. The entire machine has been redesigned as a future-proof modular system with increased functional efficiency promoting higher operational uptime and ease of use. The updated version reduces operational costs and energy use thanks to sealing technology advances. Plastic as well as…

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New OGGS Aquafaba proves successful alternative to eggs


At a time when many people have been inspired to get their aprons on, OGGS Aquafaba is set to be the new store cupboard staple, keeping bakers baking, cooks making and cakes rising. From meringues and mousses to mayo and sauces – the only thing you can’t do is dip your soldiers in it! 100% plant-based and low…

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Nestlé’s Munchies now available in white chocolate!

Munchies White

They have been a firm fan favourite since 1957, and now there is another reason to love Munchies – they come in white chocolate too! Available in 94g sharing bags, the newest Munchies variety features a soft caramel and biscuit centre, covered in delicious white chocolate. It joins the existing range, which comprises original Munchies, Munchies Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Munchies Cookie…

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Royal Duyvis Wiener reaches agreement on refinancing


Royal Duyvis Wiener, the Dutch world leader in the cocoa and chocolate processing industry, announced that the company has reached an agreement on refinancing. This refinancing agreement is the result of a period of restructuring by the bank and shareholders, initiated under the current CEO Theo Pouw and CFO Mark van den Burg. In order…

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