WeighPack releases packaging machines

Packaging manufacturer WeighPack has recently launched two new packaging machines designed for automating the bulk bagging process. The BI 600 automatic bag inserter and BU 600 automatic bag uncuffer are designed to automate and replace the manual insertion of bags into cases and manual uncuffing and sealing of bags prior to case closure.

The machines work well in preparing bulk quantities of products such as wrapped candy, frozen food and snacks for shipping. The units are designed to fit well into a bulk bag filling line with a case erector, bulk weigh filler and case sealer, making up a fully automated system that forms, fills and seals cases, trays and bins and bulk-sized bags within them.

The BI 600 bag inserter dispenses film on a roll, cuts, seals and then inserts the bag into an erected case. Once the product has been weighed and filled, the case is passed onto the BU 600 bag uncuffer. The bag is then uncuffed from the case and folded over the product before the box is conveyed to the next phase of the packaging processes. Bag sealing and vacuum assemblies are also available.

The BI 600 is able to accept 1-4 mil film in roll with widths up to 650mm and provides impulse sealing for leakproof polyethylene or laminated bags; it can also accept 1-4 mil film with a bag fold over up to 610mm. Both units are made of 304 stainless steel frames, SMC pneumatics, Omron servo motors with encoders.

This follows on from the launch of WeighPack’s weigher which uses high precision electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) weigh cell technology. The weigher works to reject product outside of the user’s set tolerance level and move it into an accumulation drawer to be reused. It features a large colour touschreen, doesn’t require compressed air to work and can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines.

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