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The NXT icon of Callebaut is born: Dark and Milk chocolates that are dairy-free, lactose-free, nut-free, allergen-free, 100% plant-based and vegan – without any trace of dairy. Milk dairy-free chocolate bringing a genuine milk-alike chocolate taste, as close as it gets to Callebaut’s renowned Finest Belgian chocolates.

Made with a plant-based alternative to milk with unique & delicious taste (more neutral compared to almond milk, soy milk, rice, oat milks or other alternatives). Made for chefs & artisans: to work perfectly in every creation,
from bonbons to desserts. NXT comes with all the Know-How: a new platform helps chefs to convert
traditional recipes into 100% plant-based delights.

Callebaut, the chocolate maker preferred by artisans and chefs around the world, announces the launch of their NXT iconic innovation “Callebaut NXT”: 100% plant based dark and milky tasting chocolates, guaranteed free from any traces of dairy with the same great taste and quality as traditional chocolate. It is the NXT generation of chocolates, for the next generation. On top of their innovation, Callebaut also launches their “NXT” online platform, offering know how, guides and tested recipes for vegan and plant-based chocolate delights. The platform will aid ambitious artisans to create premium chocolate delights for lovers of vegan, plant based and allergens-free foods without compromising
on taste, snap, smell or shine. NXT is the ‘real thing’, but even better.

Callebaut NXT helps chefs and artisans get ready for the next generations of chocolate gourmets. Xuan-Lai Huynh – Global Brand Leader of Callebaut. “After our infamous Ruby launch and the conversion to traceable cocoa for all our chocolates, we’re very proud to present Callebaut NXT dairy-free. It took Callebaut experts and R&D teams 3 years to bring this unique innovation to life. What makes it even more special is that the whole concept is being fuelled not only by our R&D team, but even more by passionate chefs and artisans. Creating vegan, plant-based and dairy-free recipes stirs up all the know-how chefs have been applying for generations. For many, it’s like starting over. NXT will help ambitious chefs to re-invent the traditional pastry and chocolate recipes and elevate dairy-free, vegan, plant-based chocolate delights from a ‘niche’ segment to a global movement.

NXT complies with the strictest food standard in the industry: unlike vegan chocolates, Callebaut’s NXT dairy-free range contains no traces of dairy whatsoever.* Therefore, it brings a total solution to chefs when creating dairy-free, lactose-free, vegan and plant-based delights – without any compromise on taste and indulgence. To achieve the creamy mouthfeel and flavour, Callebaut extracts a 100% vegetal milk-alternative from the chufa plant, that adds a fully creamy texture and neutral taste in our chocolate recipe.

In addition, this plant-based alternative is also better for the environment. Compared to cow’s milk, growing milk from
chufa only has considerate lower carbon emissions: 0.3 CO2e/ kg compared to 10.68 CO2e/kg for skimmed powder milk. Our NXT chocolates are Cocoa Horizons certified: all farms where we source beans for the NXT chocolates
participate in the Cocoa Horizons programme, that focuses on improving the livelihood of farmers, sustainable cocoa practices and eliminating child labour from the supply chain. When asked why this innovation means so much for the world of pastry and chocolate, Marike van Beurden, Dutch pastry chef with a global curriculum and vegan expert replies: “This innovation completely redefines and revolutionizes the commercial use of chocolate in the vegan kitchen. NXT provides artisans and chefs a solution to the growing demand for plant-based foods. It’s dairy-free and vegan chocolate that tastes like Callebaut chocolate, with the same level of indulgence… and that simply works like what you’d expect from Callebaut.”

Phil Khoury, Head Pastry Chef at Harrods: “As a chef, who’s starting with vegan pastry, you’re very much on your own. There’s no guide or instruction manual… You have to find it out by yourself how recipes work when substituting dairy, eggs, gelatine, etc. with plant-based alternatives. Undoubtedly, vegan and plant based are the future.” Julie Sharp, Callebaut’s UK pastry chef worked together intensely with the Callebaut NXT team: “I have an intolerance for dairy and eggs for many years now… So as a pastry chef, this was a dream opportunity to prove one can create the gold standard in pastries and confectionery without cream, eggs or any dairy. Up to now, there was no manual for plant-based pastries and desserts. You were on your own… you had to find out everything by yourself. But NXT changes everything: high standard vegan and dairy-free chocolate recipes are now available for free to every chef. And undoubtedly, vegan
and plant-based products are the future” says Sharp. “That’s why I committed to working with Callebaut on this unique and innovative launch.”

As chefs receive vegan, plant-based, allergen free and planet-friendly requests on a daily basis, the NXT range offers worry-free alternatives for traditional and new recipes, but also how-to guides, inspiration and tips and tricks through
the new NXT digital platform. Callebaut aims to create and grow a true NXT chef community for confectionery, bakery, pastry, horeca and gelato. Marike van Beurden: “With the NXT Platform, we’re taking it one step further. This digital
platform provides all the know-how, guides and recipes for vegan and plant-based chocolate creations.

The platform offers accessible solutions, helping chefs and artisans understand basics through education. For example: how to create a vegan chocolate mousse? How to make a dairy free chocolate macaron? It inspires them to create
beautiful, delicious delights that are better for us and for our planet with our best chocolate. We want the platform to be the kickstart of a movement, helping chefs and artisans navigate the demand for healthy indulgence through breakthrough innovations.” The NXT digital platform is accessible via a QR code on all packs offering information on
ingredient management, preparation and recipes as well as guidance on cleaning, equipment, and preparation and planning and storage to ensure a fully plant-based process.

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