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Whipping up demand for California Walnuts

Did you know that the texture on the outside of the walnut whip, of one of the UK’s favourite items of confectionery, is known as a skeuomorph? The word is compounded from skeuos, meaning “container or tool”, and morphḗ, meaning “shape”. It has been applied to material objects since 1890 and is now also used to describe computer and mobile…

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Paradise Fruits showcase new Eastern range at FiE

Paradise Fruits introduce new Eastern flavours at Fi Europe

Paradise Fruits by Jahncke, the natural ingredients supplier behind four of Europe’s most innovative fruit and vegetable processing businesses, launched a new range of Eastern- inspired products at Food Ingredients Europe 2019. ‘Taste of the East’ by Paradise Fruits Solutions takes its inspiration from Japan and meets a growing trend for Eastern flavours. The range…

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Symrise to open innovation centre at Dutch Unilever facilities

Symrise site at Wageningen

Global fragrance and industry solutions group Symrise is set to expand its research facilities after installing an innovation lab at the Unilever Foods Innovation Centre at Wageningen Campus, in the Netherlands. As the company noted, having its resources directly on the site of the major consumer manufacturer and by working together with scientists from Wageningen University…

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Cocoa fermentation alters chocolate taste

Research has investigated how different fermentation conditions can affect the activity of the microorganisms naturally present on cocoa beans, and how this ultimately alters the flavour of the chocolate. The flavour of chocolate develops during the processing of cocoa beans, and new research shows how changes made at this step can produce new flavours. The research, undertaken by an…

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ADM release third quarter results

International ingredients and agricultural group ADM has recorded challenging financial results for the quarter, reporting quarterly operating profit of $758 million, against $881 million. Revenues for the quarter were $16.7 billion as against $15.8 billion for the same period in 2018, against a backdrop of restructuring costs across its global businesses. However, for its WFSI…

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AAK acquires large stake of Soya International

AAK is set to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of speciality lecithin after acquiring a majority stake in UK-based Soya International. The business will trade under a new name – AAK Soya International Ltd. AAK Soya International supplies a comprehensive range of products, including non-GMO liquid lecithins, non-GMO powdered lecithins, organic lecithins and…

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Knighton Foods – the importance of removing palm oil

Knighton Foods

Taste is still king when a consumer purchases a product there is no doubting this but, increasingly they’re looking for clean label, healthy, sustainable ingredients and the industry is working hard to meet those expectations. This brings many challenges for NPD (New Product Development) technologists. How do you remove one ingredient and replace it with…

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Sleaford Quality Foods extend sugar and salt renovation even further

Sleaford Quality Foods, cross-category supplier of multiple packaged foods, have pledged to further renovate sugar and salt from their range. The new programme encompasses soups, stuffing, jelly crystals, bakery mixes, gravies, sweet and savoury sauce mixes. The aim is to deliver sugar and salt levels below the March 2018 recommendations from Public Health England. Sleaford…

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Bebeto unveils reduced sugar treats

In response to growing consumer demand for healthier options, popular confectionery brand Bebeto has revealed three new products with 30% less sugar. Launching officially in summer 2019, the products will be available in attractive, shelf-ready packaging and are set to be a tasty treat for retailers and end-customers alike. High in fibre and with no…

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Bartek Ingredients acquired by private equity firm TorQuest Partners


TorQuest Partners has announced the acquisition of Bartek Ingredients., a specialty products manufacturer specialising in malic acid, fumaric acid, and maleic anhydride for food and beverage, animal nutrition and industrial applications. In foods and beverages, Bartek’s malic acid ingredients—commonly used in beverages and candies, as well as other food applications—impart a desirable sourness reflective of…

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