Synergy launches ingredient that enables significant calorie reduction

Synergy Flavours has launched a unique flavour-based ingredient that enables significant reductions in fat and calories in a range of baked goods, meeting the demand for healthier products


For many 2020 was a year of adapting to new norms and nurturing and developing new interests. Eating in became the new eating out, cooking from scratch grew and home baking went bananas!  Food became a source of comfort, indulgence and escapism as consumers coped with the pressures of uncertainty and chance. Biscuits, pastries, crisps, and alcohol all saw a boost in sales whilst healthier options struggled in the face of comfort eating. But change is afoot. The pandemic created a temporary shift in focus from issues such as the environment and healthy lifestyles. However, early indicators suggest that the consumer mindset is changing. Health and wellbeing are returning front of mind, with a large majority (68%) of people stating that they are trying to eat healthily all or most of the time. It is likely consumers will take a more holistic approach to their health as a balance between comfort and health attributes are tipped to be the ‘next normal’.

The spotlight on health dials up the need for brands to act

Health-conscious consumers are also firmly backing government regulations to tackle obesity, but not at the sacrifice of great taste. While many consumers acknowledge that they want to make changes to their diet, 46% of consumers surveyed by Synergy still put ‘great taste’ at the top of their list when purchasing sweet bakery products. A further 24% would choose a product because it contained their favourite flavour. German consumers would agree, with nearly half indicating that taste is more important to them than the healthiness of cakes/cake bars.

Over the last five years, the bakery market has seen a noticeable increase in products making healthier claims. Bakers have looked to match consumers’ desire for reduced-fat or -sugar products, along with naturally healthy, high-fibre and even organic variants by using natural ingredients and cutting sugar content. Providing reduced portion sizes has often been favoured over calorie reformulation due to the technical, cost and time challenges required.

Introducing next generation calorie reduction 

The great news for bakers is that calorie reduction has just become simpler. Synergy Flavours has launched a unique flavour-based ingredient that enables significant reductions in fat and calories in a range of baked goods, including muffins, cakes, cookies, biscuits, and morning goods. In a reduced-fat muffin recipe, the all-in-one calorie reduction solution enabled 37% reduction in fat, 22% reduction in saturated fat, and 15% reduction in kcal, while delivering comparable sensory qualities that would be expected of a full fat bakery product. 

This all-natural, next generation ingredient combines flavour technology, functionality, and mouthfeel, to replicate the taste and texture typical of full fat baked goods, with the added benefit of easy labelling

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Image credit: Synergy Flavours
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