Smooth processes for the baking & confectionery industry

Smooth processes for the baking & confectionery industry

Berndorf Band Group unveils its CARBO 13 steel belt aimed to aid the food industry with withstanding mechanical and thermal stress, reduce cleaning and saving energy


The combination of top materials, accurate work and tailor-made solutions makes Berndorf Band Group the world’s leading supplier of steel belts and belt systems for a wide range of industries. One of these sectors is the food industry. 

Nutrition is a significant part of our daily routine and essential for our life. Based on this, Berndorf Band Group provides tailor-made solutions for the baking and confectionery industry and is optimising integrated production processes for their customers. Especially in the baking and confectionery industry – a smooth production is a must. Therefore, material selection in respect of tensile strength, hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal expansion is based on careful examination of individual specifications. Compared to other materials, the stability during production and the longer lifetime of a steel belt, fulfil the requirements of the industry and decrease the risks of production stops. 

“Our core product for the baking and confectionery industry is the steel belt carbo due to its characteristics. As steel belts must be capable of withstanding the high loads of mechanical and thermal stress, typically occurring during the production of baked goods, CARBO 13 has proven to be the material of choice for such situations,” explains Thorleif Brokke, Director of Sales at Berndorf. 

Frequent temperature changes and a high number of load cycles require a steel belt that always perfectly retains its shape and flatness. CARBO 13 shows an excellent conductibility of temperatures. Operating temperatures of up to 400 °C during the production process are no problem for the CARBO 13-steel belt. Accordingly, to its dark surface the carbo material absorbs the heat, saves energy and ensures consistent product quality.

In the baking and confectionery industry the highest sanitary standards are mandatory. The smooth and abrasion-resistant surface of our belts keeps fibres and remnants of fat from lodging in the steel belt, thereby the need for cleaning agents is reduced. A significant advantage for use in the food industry is that Berndorf belts are easy to clean, which helps to save time as well as money. Also the impact of the environment plays a big role today and the use of aggressive cleaning agents is an issue in the industry. Therefore, the advantage, that less cleaning agents are needed, has positive consequences for the environment. 

Additionally, we are working consistently to develop an easy release surface to reduce or even eliminate the need for cleaning. As a result of this, less cleaning effort is necessary, costs are saved and there is little or no need for release agents.

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