SACMI Packaging & Chocolate at ProSweets

Taking center-stage will be a new solution for the production of semi-finished chocolate drops, completing the SACMI technology range for chocolate-making and moulding. Also on show will be the latest top-of-the-range flowpack (JT-ADVANCE) and wrapping (HY7) solutions

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate is set to take part in Prosweets 2022, the international confectionary and snack technology fair being held in the city of Cologne, Germany, from 30 January to 2 February.

The new chocolate drop dosing/cooling system

Taking pride of place on the SACMI stand (hall 10.1, F050-G059) will be the latest solution for the manufacture of semi-finished chocolate-based drops, chips, sticks and chunks.

Completing the Carle&Montanari brand’s range of chocolate production and moulding technologies, this system is aimed at companies that produce and market this semi-finished product, used by the bakery industry to produce cakes, biscuits and other products or as an ‘easy melt’ item, supplied directly to patisseries or final consumers.

The system consists of an MLRG 1500 rotary dosing machine and a cooling tunnel. The depositor features a spot-dosing system that emits individual drops onto polyurethane or steel belts depending on the specific application. What’s more, the solution offers outstandingly fast and user-friendly format changeovers; this is largely thanks to continuous operation and the special pre-cut devices in the cooling tunnel that can, for example, make sticks and chunks.

High performance – with processing rates of 1000 – 3000 kg per hour – is a key hallmark of the machine, which is 1500 mm wide and has variable cooling tunnel lengths to meet specific productivity requirements.

JT-ADVANCE, high speeds, fast changeovers, low maintenance costs

Alongside this solution, SACMI Packaging & Chocolate will display the JT-ADVANCE, a next-gen OPM-branded flow-wrapping machine that offers high speeds, low running costs and reduced format changeover times.

Highly configurable to meet the customer’s every need, JT-ADVANCE is specifically designed to package products like chocolate and cereal bars, snacks and pralines, which require high productivity (up to 150 meters of film per minute). The solution also offers users the advantage of simplified maintenance thanks to easy access to the machine (all the operator’s tasks can be performed from the front) and the extremely short changeover times, made possible by tool-free, fast release-and-lock adjustment mechanisms. Reel replacement tasks can also be carried out during production, without reducing machine speed.

Hygienic design is a key market requirement, hence its prioritization at the design stage. This has led to specific measures such as minimization of crumb deposit points and guards equipped with supports to allow easy residue removal.

HY7, the first ‘hybrid’ technology wrapping solution

The new HY7 wrapping machine completes the range showcased by SACMI Packaging & Chocolate at the German fair. A multi-style (Top, side & double twist, bunch, envelope, wallet) flat-base praline wrapping machine – marketed under the Carle&Montanari brand name – it takes the long tradition of supplying unmatched wrapping solutions into the future.

The HY7 is, in fact, the very first ‘hybrid’ technology wrapping machine on the market. Design and operation are based not only on traditional mechanical transmission but also on high-performance, energy-efficient servo drives; moreover, the various machine units have 40% fewer components than previous models.

Extremely user-friendly, the HY7 can achieve output rates of 700 pieces per minute and is designed to handle even the most delicate or irregularly shaped products with the utmost efficiency. Large, transparent guards maximize visibility, ensuring any problems (e.g. presence of scrap or dirt) are noticed immediately. Access to vital wrapping machine parts is made easy by the cantilevered structure, which characterizes the overall machine concept.

Extremely linear design and a greatly simplified drive train have resulted in few movements and few spare parts, simplified maintenance, lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to alternative solutions and greater reliability thanks to the solidity of all moving parts.

Designed around the concept of modularity, the machine consists of a standard base on which a project-specific perforated aluminum plate is mounted. The latter houses a series of interchangeable cantilever units (or ‘modules’). This configuration means customers can implement upgrades over time. For example, they can add new wrapping styles without having to replace the machine.

The machine implements advanced predictive maintenance systems and, thanks to its outstanding adaptability, is designed to aid transition towards utilization of a new generation of eco-sustainable wrapping materials.

Visit us at the fair! Hall 10.1, stand F050-G059.

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