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Renewal Mill, an upcycled ingredient supplier and industry leader in plant-based, climate-friendly baking products, has partnered with Salt & Straw, the world’s largest small-batch ice cream company, to create a custom chef-driven vegan ice cream flavor, Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake. The new flavor is made using Renewal Mill’s bestselling baking mix, Dark Chocolate Brownie, and is a part of Salt & Straw’s annual “Veganuary’s Vegandulgence Series” campaign to raise awareness about vegan food options that not only taste great, but are great for the planet, too.

With the mission to inspire and support people to try vegan, drive corporate change, and create a movement championing compassionate food choices that protect the planet, Renewal Mill has partnered with Salt & Straw to create an exclusive vegan ice cream flavor as a part of Salt & Straw’s “Cupcakes by Vegandulgence Series” limited edition, flavor collection. To celebrate Veganuary, Renewal Mill’s Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake is launching Jan. 1, 2022, and is available to purchase in-store at Salt & Straw’s 25 locations, and online at Salt & Straw’s website through Jan. 31, 2022. Made with Renewal Mill’s Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix, the Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake flavor features generous swaths of salted caramel frosting on top of Dark Chocolate Brownie cupcakes, which is crumbled into fleur de sel-spiked oat ice cream.

Renewal Mill’s top selling upcycled Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix is a sustainably sourced vegan and gluten-free alternative to traditional flour-based baking mixes. Handcrafted by a James Beard Award winning chef, Alice Medrich, Renewal Mill’s Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix is made with upcycled organic okara flour, which Renewal Mill crafts by upcycling the soybean pulp generated during soymilk production. Okara Flour is a delicious and versatile superfood that provides superior nutrition with a neutral taste,  which can be used on its own or in combination with other flours and baking ingredients as an eco-friendly, vegan ingredient option. By upcycling the soybean pulp that would otherwise go to waste and release greenhouse gases which cause global warming, Renewal Mill is fighting climate change and global food loss by converting food manufacturing byproducts into superfood ingredients and innovative, healthy vegan baking staples.

“According to leading research, around 1.3 billion tons of food gets wasted each year with much of it ending up in landfills and contributing to climate change,” said Caroline Cotto, co-founder of Renewal Mill. “By improving the efficiency of our food system, Renewal Mill is helping ensure that the next-generation of eaters have a healthy planet and a sustainable future. Upcycling is about respect: respect for all the resources that go into growing and producing our food, and the people who do it. We are honored to collaborate with Salt & Straw and help not only raise awareness about food loss and climate-friendly food options, but prove that eating sustainably doesn’t sacrifice taste.”

Aiming to create a new circular economy of food that closes the loop in today’s current supply chains, Renewal Mill keeps valuable nutrition from going to waste, and reduces our impact on the environment. Renewal Mill’s founders, Caroline Cotto and Claire Schlemme, believe that doing good for the planet should be, well, pretty darn delicious.

“We are excited to expand our ever growing portfolio of partnership products with Salt & Straw and welcome them to the upcycled food revolution,” said Claire Schlemme, co-founder of Renewal Mill. “We have extensive experience working with novel ingredients and are committed to creating the next generation of food with fellow food industry leaders like the Salt & Straw team.”

Renewal Mill’s Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake flavor is the first flavor on Salt & Straw’s menu to feature okara flour. It is also the only upcycled company to be featured in Salt & Straw’s “Cupcakes by VegandulgenceSeries” flavor series.

“At Salt & Straw, we make some of the most indulgent and thoughtfully crafted vegan ice creams in the world,” said Tyler Malek, co-founder and head ice cream maker at Salt & Straw. “Partnering with Renewal Mill was one of our most important initiatives in this menu because their products have captured that perfect mix of being revolutionarily thoughtful, as well as downright delicious. Their brownie mix is really, really good. We simply bake that mix off, slather it in a homemade caramel vegan frosting, and stud it into an oat milk ice cream to create one of the most delicious desserts you’ll ever taste…. vegan or not.”


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