ProSweets exhibitor profile: MFG Tray

Increase your mogul efficiency with MFG’s Tray Starch Trays, which, among other benefits ensure manufacturers durability, cleanability and food safety  

Visit MFG Tray at ProSweets 2024 in Hall 10.1, Stand A061 and stop by to see how MFG Tray’s starch trays can increase your mogul efficiency. MFG Tray’s starch trays readily integrate with a variety of moguls ensuring unprecedented durability, cleanability, and food product safety.  

They are interchangeable with wood trays and may be integrated into production lines using both materials. Several confectionery operations using MFG Tray starch trays have noted an increase in production efficiency as composite trays can be run at higher line speeds. The precise sizing and dimensional stability of MFG Tray starch trays contribute to improved mogul efficiency, and the durability of composite construction ensures value and a long service life.   

In response to confectionery manufacturers desiring a material that is detectable in their finished product should a tray become damaged, MFG Tray developed and introduced their patent pending X-DTect™ composite material made from high-strength, glass-reinforced composites specifically formulated for X-ray detection. Thanks to this innovative new material, product contamination can be detected down to 1 cubic millimeter.  

MFG Tray Starch Trays Benefits: 

  • Light Weight Starch Trays with same benefits of our current trays 
  • Expressly designed to integrate with regular & jumbo-sized moguls 
  • Dimensional stability ensures compatibility with high-speed machines 
  • Contoured corners will not trap moisture or starch residue 
  • Stack without sagging or warping 
  • Open sides for optimal air flow  
  • Space-saving stacking design eliminating the need for separate drying racks 
  • Many sizes and custom designs available 
  • Offering X-DTect™; X-ray detectable composite material 6090 

Along with mogul starch trays, MFG manufactures ventilated drying trays, gum trays, work-in-progress trays and stock boxes in a variety of designs and sizes meeting the specific needs of confectionery operations. The inherent strength and dimensional stability of MFG Tray composite trays make them exceptionally well suited for confectionery production. Their wide operating temperature range of -60° to 250° F (-51° to 121° C), smooth surface texture, stain resistance, and easy cleaning are critical performance factors contributing to their suitability for confectionery operations.   

MFG Tray Holding & Drying Trays Benefits: 

  • Dropped sides and/or ends promote air circulation and thorough drying 
  • Stacking design eliminates the need for tray racks

MFG Tray Gum Trays Benefits: 

  • Open sides promote air circulation and thorough drying 
  • Contoured edges and corners eliminate trapped residue 
  • Space-saving stacking designs

MFG Tray Stock Boxes Benefits: 

  • Expressly designed for storing candy prior to packing 
  • Container lid provides airtight seal to ensure freshness and sanitation 
  • Completely safe for freezing

MFG Tray has been a leading supplier of starch trays, holding trays, gum trays and stock boxes for the confectionery industry for more than 50 years. These trays offer several exclusive design, cost and performance benefits for confectionery operations that can’t be duplicated by other materials or manufacturers. The inherent strength and dimensional stability of MFG composite trays make them exceptionally well suited for confectionery production. 

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