ProSweets exhibitor profile: Dumoulin

Dumoulin is returning to basics with the introduction of its ICONIC machine at ProSweets Cologne, drawing on its expertise in automatic coating to offer manufacturers a more compact solution

With decades of experience in automatic coating, Dumoulin is today the reference for this technology. Dumoulin coating pans offer the best quality of finished products with optimal productivity, better energy consumption and hygiene and operating conditions to the highest standard. 

Having gradually evolved towards technological excellence, we want to add to our range a simpler machine, with a more affordable level of investment for customers wishing above all to replace their conventional production with high-capacity automatic equipment. 

Dumoulin therefore went back to basics to offer the ICONIC, a machine simpler in its general design, nevertheless offering Dumoulin expertise and technology for the process part. 

Thanks to the side unloading system, the machine is more compact and its installation at the customer’s site is much simpler. The overall investment is much lower than premium machines, while maintaining high manufacturing quality. Our competitors machines look like the ICONIC for a simple reason: their machines are inspired by Dumoulin former design. 

The machine is available in two models with a capacity of 2 tonnes per batch. 

The chocolate version allows to make finished products with chocolate coating and varnishing in the same batch, with cold air circulation in a closed circuit for energy savings, and typical Dumoulin spraying systems adapted for difficult or fragile products. The machine also exists in a sugar and wax coating version. 

This machine is largely inherited from the history of Dumoulin, brought up to date. We hope to make Dumoulin technology available to more and more customers and invite you to visit us at the ProSweets trade fair in Cologne, from 28-31 January. The machine will be on our stand in the chocolate and varnish version and Dumoulin will be happy to show you any details. 

About Dumoulin: 

Dumoulin is the world leader in construction and process design of large chocolate, sugar, and sugar free coating machines. The company is now offering a machine dedicated to both chocolate coating and sugar/sugar-free coating. 

Innovation always has been a trademark at Dumoulin, a force that has led this small bakery machinery business founded in the 1930s to become a market leader in automatic coating technology. For example, the first perforated drum coater or the first chocolate coating and varnishing unit – all developed at Dumoulin – represented key milestones in the company’s development as well as in the history of panning. 

Whether it is about the use of new ingredients, development of new candies, or improvement of machine design, operation and capacity, we at Dumoulin are all focused on one goal: anticipating customers’ expectations. We have again proved it with the most flexible coating machine one can imagine, a unique and revolutionary piece of equipment that confectioners have always dreamt of. 

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