Product Spotlight: Extrufood

For almost 40 years Extrufood has supplied their customers with innovative technology as it builds on its expertise and know-how 

For almost 40 years, Extrufood has been an expert in the development and refinement of extrusion and co-extrusion technology for the confectionery industry. Having established ourselves as the world leading extrusion expert in the confectionery industry, in 2024 we have announced a promising strong year with new developments of their machinery and upcoming expansion projects.   

Extrufood’s continuous production concepts enable us to design complete production lines, which are far more economical than traditional methods of production. Additionally, our lines occupy less space, require less energy and labour, are more hygienic, and provide larger quantities of the most stable, top-quality products. 

These production lines and their components provide us with unparalleled possibilities when it comes to our confectionery products. Just one extruder for example, enables us to create a stunning variety of colours, flavours, fillings, and coatings. Finally, our method of production has consistently resulted in the smallest achievable weight variations seen in the industry. 

Extrufood offers an exciting variety of new and upgraded versions of the existing equipment for the optimisation of the customer’s production process. With its expertise and extensive experience, Extrufood supplies custom made production lines from 20 kg/hr to up to 2000 kg/hr, which ensures almost limitless possibilities of confectionery products. The production lines create an exciting variety with up to eight different colours and flavours, with various fillings and coatings.  

Extrufood is happy to announce we have developed a new machine which we can add to their customised elements: a Z-blade discharge mixer with a capacity of at least 300 kg per batch, which is ideal for the mixing and kneading of sugar paste and other masses, to be used for sugar-filled coextrusion products. But other than mixing sugar paste, multiple ingredients and products can be used in this new developed Z-blade mixing system, which is opening the market for other production plants.  

We can conclude that Extrufood is the specialist in this market with production systems that occupy less space, consume less energy and need fewer operators than any other system, while achieving the highest product quality and consistency. Extrufood production systems offer state-of-the-art technology with its unique continuous production process and their customised elements such as cooking-, mixing-, and forming extruders, Z-blade mixers, Diemixes, multi-colour (co-) extrusion and rotary dies, cooling tunnels, waxing units, sugar sanders and (ultra-sonic) cutting machines.  

Extrufood is now more focused than ever in creating products with natural colours and flavours which are temperature stable. A revolutionary variety of 100% fruit snacks can be made on the Extrufood cooking and forming extruders. The cooking process allows customers to produce a broad spectrum of tasty and healthy products. As today’s world is craving for sweet, Extrufood provides the solution that sweet can also be healthy these days

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