Pladis seek to expand McVitie’s, DeMet’s and Godiva in the US with new NY office

Pladis have announced they will expand to a brand new office in White Plains, New York on September the 29th 2017, with the global confectionery unit of Turkish conglomerate Yildiz Holding looking to have a more noticeable fingerprint in the US.

The company have come out and said that he new office space will be both open and collaborative for their 50 employees, with the location being in the centre of a growing hub of consumer goods businesses. As well as this, Pladis are on the hunt for new employees from the local area as a result of the move.

Previously, Pladis operated from two offices – the Godiva office in Manhattan, New York, and the DeMet’s Candy office over in Stamford, Connecticut. The DeMet’s office is closed, but the Godiva office in Manhattan will keep going.

Pladis have claimed that the relocation of their office will aid the company in their quest to expand their regional chocolate brands – such as Flipz (manufactured by DeMet’s Candy Company) and Turtles – in North America, while Pladis also aim to expand  their premium chocolate brand in Godiva while also introducing its British heritage brand, McVitie’s, in 2018.

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