Personalised chocolate box comes with video

m cacao chocolates has announced the launch of expressio – a chocolate video box – offering a way for consumers to gift a box of chocolates with a personalised video experience inside.

The new chocolate video box is the “brainchild” of m cacao’s Founder Michael Nichols, a former robotics engineer-turned-chocolatier and Chef Delphin Gomes, a pastry chef and chocolatier. As a modern gift, expressio brings together handcrafted chocolates in a box complete with its own embedded video play.

The company calls it a “luxury solution” to gift giving, offering consumers to express themselves with their gifts and personalise with the gifter’s video of choice. It also works for corporate giving, where a company can create its own brand or promotional video to showcase its products and services.

“m cacao’s expressio blends artistic creativity with the latest technology to create a sweet and customisable gift,” explained Michael Nichols, Founder of m cacao. “At m cacao, we are culinary explorers, chocolate lovers and innovators. Expressio takes all of that to the next level, creating a personalised gift experience for consumers and companies alike.”

The video in the box comes equipped with an NFC tag which contains a small microchip that can be read by most mobile devices. It can be programmed to enable a recipient to launch a company’s website, buy a product or service and even purchase refills at a discounted price.

The individual chocolates can also be personalised, as the 3D chocolate medallions can be used to feature a company’s logo or by using screen-printed cocoa butter art, where selected logos or graphics can be printed in edible cocoa butter and added to individual chocolates.

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