MFG: an innovative journey

Manufacturer of reinforced composite starch trays, MFG Tray, is on a mission to eliminate wood starch trays in the manufacturing of gummy confectionery.

The wood vs. composite trays debate is an ongoing onebut, as Tom Woods, Confectionery Sales Manager explains, many manufacturers are now supporting composite trays instead.  

He said: “All manufacturers of wood trays now promote composite trays. The debate is over, every argument for using wood starch trays have fallen by the wayside; they have been disproven and discredited. The only selling point for wood now is that it is less expensive –which is not true. 

Considering that composite trays increase your production and that they will last quite a long time, composite trays are really the best deal. Composite trays will pay for themselves within a couple of years.”  

Introducing at ProSweets 2022…. MFG LIGHT WEIGHT STARCH TRAYS 

One of the newest innovations from MFG Tray is a patent pending, newly designed, lighter weight starch tray that will provide many of the benefits of the current trays. These benefits include dimensional stability, cleanability and long life at a reduced cost. This will enable customers who have, in the past thought, that composites were too expensive to enjoy the benefits of composite trays at a competitive to wood. 

Innovative solutions 

MFG is an innovative company, always moving forward in the search of solutions for its confectionery customers’ needs. The company, which was founded in 1952, has 70 years of experience in formulation and molding technology. The company, part of Molded Fiber Glass Companies, has access to its recognised research laboratory.  

Internationally Patented X-DTect 

One of MFG’s offerings is the X-DTect, a new internationally patented composite material made from high-strength glass-reinforced composites specifically formulated for X-ray detection. It provides X-ray detection capabilities and has also been labelled “best practice” for contamination detection. Thanks to this innovative new material, production line inspection can be detected down to 1 cubic millimetre. It provides the maximum reliability in production management along with total product recall prevention and product protection. 

Composite Lab Tray  

MFG is now delivering an 18” x 18” (457mm x 457mm) lab tray; applied specifically as a replacement for wood lab trays.  These lab trays have been successfully put into operation in lab depositors for confection production. 

MFG Tray Guarantee  

MFG’s starch trays are guaranteed for 10 years but most have seen over 25 plus years of service. All MFG Confectionery products meet FDA Title 21 requirements for direct food contact and conform to applicable EU requirements.   

Tom added: “MFG Tray is not resting on our laurels and is always working to provide cost effective solutions for the confectionery industry.” 

To find out more about MFG Tray’s impressive portfolio, visit the company at ProSweets 2022,  

Find us at Stand 10A071, and check out our website here: MFG Tray 

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