Luker Chocolate’s new caramel chocolate couverture

Colombian chocolate manufacturer Luker Chocolate has launched its new Caramelo 33%, caramel chocolate couverture. Crafted at origin, the new caramel chocolate combines Luker’s signature Cacao Fino de Aroma and its sustainability practices with one of the most popular confectionery flavours worldwide.

The company works with challenger chocolate brands across the world to create products made from fine quality cacao, all crafted at origin and fully sustainable. In an effort to drive wellbeing across the value chain, Luker collaborates with farmers to grow cocoa while protecting the environment, boosting local economies and developing rural communities.

Caramelo 33% is the company’s latest offering from the chocolate manufacturer and the first within their new ‘Sensación’ product line. The new, fine chocolate couverture highlights flavour notes of Cacao Fino de Aroma with a balanced caramel flavour.

Luker also uses caramelised milk to create a sweet flavour and velvety smooth finish, inspired by the traditional caramel-like treats found in different parts of Colombia such as ‘arequipe’ and ‘manjar blanco’.

The company has said that the chocolate will create a sense of familiarity and nostalgia for the consumer, while presenting a good canvas for brands and chocolatiers looking to create new and exciting flavour combinations in confectionery, snacking, baking and hot chocolate.

Seeking indulgent experiences that make them feel good has become a key part of consumer snacking choices, as they opt for indulgent treats made from quality ingredients. As a result, caramel has remained one of top three flavours in confectionery over the last five years according to Innova Market Insights, as the flavour resonates with consumers of all ages.

At the same time, consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, as they actively look for brands with a commitment to sustainability, according to a 2022 report on consumer behaviour from Deloitte. Using Luker’s expertise and transparent value chain presents an ideal opportunity for artisanal chocolatiers, brand owners and small manufacturers looking to explore new production creations.

All of Luker’s products are produced in Colombia, crafted at origin using Cacao Fino de Aroma, Colombia’s signature cacao. The balance of cocoa and caramelised milk creates a smooth, milky and intense caramel sensory profile; ideal for everyday confectionery and baking creations.

As a base chocolate, it is versatile and its creamy, indulgent taste can serve as a good vessel for inclusions of hazelnut or sea salt to create more adventurous chocolate bars. It also works well for panning a crunchy centre such as cashews or cocoa nibs paired with exotic flavours like chai.

It is now available for purchase worldwide and available for direct purchase online in the UK.

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