Lareka: packaging and chocolates

Respected company, Lareka, the company’s future ambitions towards packaging solutions in the chocolate market.


Lareka was part of a big company that was over 100 years old. The factory for this company produced cigars for customers. As a part of that company, Lareka overhauled and developed new processes and machines. But after cigar consumption went down in Europe the company had to redress the business.  

Lareka wanted to utilize the experience it had in the 90’s so it moved into confectionery packaging. In 2005, the company became independent. The knowledge and international experience that the Lareka company gained over the past 40 years means that they can do everything: developing, producing, and overhauling packaging machines. Lareka uses the same developmental approach to production as the old company but also offers customers the option to overhaul secondhand machinery.  

Lareka has been providing sweets all over the world for more than 25 years. In the past year (2019), turnover outside the Netherlands accounted for 85% of the total turnover and 50% of the turnover even came from exports outside Europe. 


Lareka is keen on responding to industry trends. Trends create opportunities and Lareka’s packaging solutions enable many to take advantage of these opportunities. Their developments are based on popular trends in the field of chocolate and packaging. Lareka responded to the rise of artisanal bean to bar producers with our ‘low volume, high mix’ packaging line: two machines specifically aimed at the packaging needs of this new group of chocolatiers. They recently came up with an end-to-end solution based on the most popular trend in packaging: customer-specific products.  

Lareka Confectionery equipment is a mid-sized company based in the Brainport region. Within this region, companies, knowledge institutions, research organisations and governments jointly participate in development. As a result, Lareka is always on top of the latest technological developments and the company can make optimal use of the high-quality distribution channels within this region. Lareka has a close and enthusiastic team which consists of young and ambitious guys in combination with some very experience’s engineers. Together they take care of your packaging.  

Lareka is active in the optimization of the packaging processes of chocolate bars, napolitans, hollow figures and twist wrapping. 15% of Lareka’s turnover is invested in R&D. Besides the building of the ‘Lareka machines’, 50% of their business is based on modernization and the rebuilding of secondhand machines. Lareka does not trade them, rather customers come with ideas about what they want to produce and make that possible.  


Our ambition is to keep offering packaging solutions that enable you to capitalize on new developments and trends in the chocolate- and packaging market. We express this with the slogan ”We take care of your confectionery and optimize your packaging”. The latter is more than just a tag line; it is a promise. 

Find us at Stand FO21, and check out our website here: Lareka Chocolade Verpakkingsmachines 

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