Ingredion’s video series focuses on stevia

Ingredion have launched a five-part video series to help food and beverage manufacturers harness the potential of stevia sweeteners and functional build-back (FBB) ingredients in sugar reduction formulations.

The series also explores enhanced understanding of the stevia leaf to identifying new steviol glycosides (stevia leaf molecules) which contributes to a more balanced, sugar-like sweetness without bitter off-notes. Other topics explored include the natural origin of stevia and why it is well-suited for achieving sugar reduction goals while meeting consumer demands for a healthy lifestyles.

“Food and beverage manufacturers are under increasing pressure to formulate products that support the growing importance of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it has never been more important to realise the power of the advanced formulation possibilities of stevia,” said Helen Hook, Sugar Reduction and Specialty Sweeteners Platform Lead EMEA, Ingredion. “The challenge for manufacturers, however, is to not only develop products that help support a healthy lifestyle; products must also be great-tasting and deliver an ideal texture and nutritional appeal, and may support consumer-preferred label claims such as ‘plant-based’, ‘natural origin’ and ‘no added sugar’. Innovation in stevia is creating opportunities for manufacturers to develop products that achieve these sensory, nutritional and claim expectations.”

The videos also acknowledge how new innovations, such as bioconversion technology, are driving the affordability of stevia molecules like Reb M, as well as how the company’s ingredients can be used to help replace bulking, texture and mouthfeel when reducing sugar.

The release of the videos follow the EU Commission’s authorisation in November 2022.

“Utilising our extensive knowledge and experience of the steviol glycosides within the leaf, PureCircle™ by Ingredion have developed optimal solutions for many applications — including bakery, sports nutrition, dairy and more — using combinations of steviol glycosides, to deliver the right balance between sweetness and eating experience,” Helen aded.

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