Higher efficiency with the Tanis 800 Compact

Get to know the game-changing production line with versatility from Tanis Confectionery, presenting an ideal solution and multiplying options for manufacturers.

One of the most exciting things about gums and jellies is the huge diversity of products that can be created. Possibilities are increasing all the time. But taking advantage of this presents manufacturers using traditional production lines with a dilemma. Switching between recipes takes a lot of time, so running lots of different recipes via the same line reduces overall productivity. Adding more lines is an option, but do you have the space?  

That was until the Tanis 800 Compact came along.  

More recipes within the same space
With fast recipe changeover and up to 33% higher capacity per ft2 compared to traditional machines, the Tanis 800 Compact opens the door to broadening ranges. As well as providing a viable option for producing multiple recipes via the same line, manufacturers can more easily multiply their options by fitting more lines within the same space. 

Unique capacity range and unrivalled efficiency   

The Tanis 800 Compact processes 1,500 to 2,500 kg/hour, thereby occupying a unique position in mid-range capacity manufacture. It presents an ideal solution for scaling up in a comfortable way, without investing in unnecessarily large machines with excessive production. For those who just want to dip a toe in the water, the 800’s smaller sister, the Tanis 400 Compact, covers the 400 to 1,000 kg/hour range.  


The Tanis 800 Compact processes 1,500 to 2,500 kg/hour, thereby occupying a unique position in mid-range capacity manufacture


But that’s not all, compared to traditional lines, the Tanis 800 Compact has higher efficiency in terms of energy consumption per kg and lower wastage. Combined with the faster changeover between recipes, it’s an all-round winner for increased profitability.  

Industry-leading quality
The Tanis 800 Compact is a recipe driven, fully integrated automatic production line which delivers the same industry-leading quality as Tanis’s larger gummies and jellies production lines.  

Multifaceted versatility
Alongside its favourable footprint to capacity ratio, the Tanis 800 Compact’s kitchen can be configured in different ways to fit available space. Add to that the fast recipe changeover time, and you’ve got a uniquely versatile line.  

Everybody’s next production line
The Tanis 800 Compact’s unique combination of benefits presents unrivalled opportunities both for established manufacturers and those seeking to enter the gummies and jellies market for the first time.

Its high efficiency makes it the advantageous choice for replacing old equipment, even for those without ambitions to scale up or broaden ranges. And for new players, the Tanis 800 Compact and 400 Compact lines provide an affordable way to get going, without compromising on quality.  

An invitation to experiment 

Tanis has long been an advocate for enabling manufacturers to broaden and improve product ranges. While the 800 and 400 Compact production lines make this an everyday possibility, the Tanis Innovation Center provides personalised expertise for discovering and developing recipes and custom production lines.  

For more information about all Tanis production lines, visit our website Tanis.com and get in touch with one of our Sales colleagues. 


Image credit: Tanis Confectionery
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