HERZA Schokolade to present novel products at BioFach 2019

According to Innova Market Insights, one of the top trends of 2019 will be “adventurous consumers” on the lookout for new and unusual flavour experiences. The new little chocolate couverture pieces made from specific fine organic cocoa varieties, to be presented by HERZA for the first time at BioFach 2019, will enable manufacturers of sweets and bakery products, ice cream or cereals to benefit from this trend.

Not only are the new products delicious for their pronounced, individual flavour; they also have a multitude of applications. For instance, chocolaty chips in muesli, ice cream or cake. Also they can be used for coating end products, since all four varieties can be melted very easily.

The chocolate chips are made from individual varieties of high-quality fine cocoa from different countries of origin. The dark variety consists of 100% quality cocoa from the Dominican Republic. With a cocoa content of 55%, it offers a pleasantly tart, full-bodied and astringent taste with aromatic notes of dried fruits.

The milk chocolate couverture chips, on the other hand, are made from pure fine cocoa from Madagascar. The high cocoa content of 40% gives the chocolate an intensive, harmoniously balanced cocoa taste with a delicate roasted flavour and fruity elements, complemented by a slight vanilla note and pleasant sweetness.

For manufacturers who set store by organic, fair trade products, HERZA offers special milk chocolate couverture pieces made from fine Peruvian cocoa. These have a particularly high cocoa content of 50%. The chips have a subtle milky note and a strong, woody cocoa character.

The range is completed by organic white chocolate pieces finished with a hint of Bourbon vanilla, yet having still a rich milky flavour A high percentage of cocoa butter ensures a very soft, delicate melt. Whether white, dark or milk, the new organic chocolate couverture pieces from HERZA Schokolade are the ideal choice for premium organic products. Both in the form of pieces or as a coating, they give good organic bakery products a special finish. Manufacturers of organic ice cream can use them to create unusual products, also in the form of lollies, and as pieces they are a highlight in premium mueslis.


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