Hans Brunner: sustainable moulds

Renowned company, Hans Brunner outlines the extensive and profound developments the company has uncovered in making sustainable chocolate moulds.

As a long-established company founded in 1935, Hans Brunner is proud a manufacturer of moulds for individual chocolates, chocolate bars, lollies, and hollow figures, which they then distribute with excellent attention to detail. Hans Brunner is an internationally operating company with their headquarters located in Glonn/Bavaria, with approximately 120 highly trained experts employed in their field. International confectionery companies, medium-sized chocolatiers and confectioners have our company develop their ideas into successful chocolate products. This is always done in close, project-oriented cooperation with the customer, as well as with industrial partners such as the manufacturers of equipment or packaging machines.  

Taking responsibility is part of Hans Brunner’s self-image. They take responsibility for their products and processes, for society and especially the environment. Therefore, the company greatly focuses on regenerative energy concepts and the promotion of energy efficiency, which is a key theme that they will present in their ProSweets stand. 

Production at a single location guarantees a smooth manufacturing process – all the way from the original idea to the finished mould. With decades of experience and the most modern and sustainable manufacturing processes, Hans Brunner develops process-oriented solutions for you from high-quality materials. Quality means safety, and safety is our utmost priority in everything we do. Continuous quality controls at every stage of the process ensure the highest mould quality. Approximately 120 specialists, consisting of engineers, artists, and self-trained professionals, form a highly motivated team. Hans Brunner has implemented several innovative improvements, particularly in mould design. How can materials be better separated and recycled at the end of the mould’s service life? Which components can be recycled? How can the durability of the mould be improved? Such questions have been incorporated into the development of our moulds, and the Hans Brunner team is looking forward to being able to present you with the results. 

In recent years, we have also expedited the reuse of materials. Used chocolate moulds with metal parts are professionally dismantled. The components (for example metal brackets and magnets etc) are carefully inspected, and, provided they meet our very highest quality standards, are reused. Otherwise, they are disposed of correctly.     

We have been the researching possibilities as to how to implement recycling loops for chocolate moulds. As part of this, we differentiate between materials that accrue as waste or remnants during production and material in moulds that our customers have already used. 

On a test basis, material arising during production is currently being crushed to granulate on our premises, to test whether new chocolate moulds can be made from it. Several series of tests are already currently running, in which we are testing the recycled material’s material properties. Because we have the very highest quality demands, it is extremely important to us that all moulds, irrespective of the material they are made from, fulfil our specifications, and meet our customers’ high requirements. 

Find us at ProSweets, Hall 10.1, Stand C030 and visit us at: Brunner Chocolate Moulds – Brunner Schokoladenformen (hansbrunner.de) 


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