GNT Group highlights shift towards natural colours


Amsterdam-based GNT, a leading provider of colouring foods, has highlighted a significant shift towards mindful consumption, emphasising sustainable ingredients and captivating colour schemes inspired by nature.

The company, well-known for its plant-based Exberry colour lines, has identified “Regeneration Rising” as a key trend in the food and beverage industry. Their analysis suggests a growing global appreciation for the natural world and an increased emphasis on protecting the planet, leading to greater scrutiny of the origins of raw materials and environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices.

This emerging trend is not only driving a push for sustainability but also inspiring new colour palettes as brands seek to convey authentic stories about their product origins. Vibrant hues drawn from the land and sea are being used to highlight products’ eco-friendly credentials and to form emotional connections with consumers.

GNT has outlined three innovative colour directions aligned with the Regeneration Rising trend. “Elevated Earth” embraces earthy tones ranging from russet browns to sun-kissed oranges and rich purples, giving products an organic yet sophisticated aesthetic. “Nature Lab” ventures into new territory by exploring a diverse array of greens, pinks, reds, yellows, oranges, and blues, challenging traditional perceptions of natural colours. Lastly, “Wholesome Nostalgia” evokes a sense of comfort and simplicity with its palette of buttery yellows, verdant greens, serene blues, soft peaches, and gentle pinks, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

Dieuwertje Raaijmakers, Marketing Communications Specialist at GNT Group, stated, “Consumers across all demographics are showing a heightened interest in sustainability and a desire to reconnect with nature. To appeal to these discerning shoppers, food and beverage brands must demonstrate their environmental commitment. Colour, as a powerful visual tool, plays a crucial role in conveying this narrative, enabling brands to create attractive products that communicate their ethical production ethos.”



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