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International Confectionery catches up with Theegarten-Pactec to examine the latest developments in twist and wrap technology.

When talking about technical solutions for double-twist packaging, Theegarten-Pactec must of course be part of the discussion. This type of folding is certainly one of our core disciplines. It is not for nothing that we at Theegarten-Pactec build the world’s fastest and most efficient machines for this packaging style. 

What developments have you made in twist and wrap packaging technology? 

We at Theegarten-Pactec have been dealing with double twist wrapping for decades. While machines were still running rather slowly 30 years ago, this changed at the latest with the development of continuously running machines that for the first time reached outputs far beyond 1000 products per minute. Our predecessor company NAGEMA was the inventor of the continuous packaging of confectionery. Even today, the fastest and most efficient machines for double-twist packaging are continuous machines made in Dresden / Germany.  

Why is this specific method of packaging good for confectionery products? 

Whether a package is good or not is, of course, ultimately decided by the consumer. But double twist is certainly one of the most traditional and still most appealing types of packaging. When you hold a double-twist wrapped confectionery product in your hand, you inevitably think of the handiwork. Besides, of course, it is also very easy to open. 

How has automation developed twist and wrap machinery? 

As with all modern packaging machines, automation has also been introduced into double-twist machines in recent decades and has opened new possibilities. Furthermore, much thinner materials can be processed, as the packaging material is now fed and cut using servo technology. Just recently we had tests on our high-performance machines with paper packaging material without wax coating. For this paper, which according to the manufacturer is fully recyclable, we achieved an output of 2,300 products per minute. 

What challenges do you face with twist and wrap and how do you overcome this? 

The most challenging aspect of double-twist packaging at high output, apart from the quality of the packaging material, is certainly the need for dimensionally accurate products. Even though we have certainly increased the tolerance range in the past few years, the requirements are still immense.  Imagine having to drive a sports car with out-of-round tyres… 

How have you advanced the twist and wrap speeds and capabilities? 

As noted earlier, Theegarten-Pactec certainly sets standards in this area. Thanks to our ongoing development process, we can now offer the world’s fastest machines for a wide range of products – in addition to hard sugar sweets, toffees, soft caramels and chewing gum, these are of course chocolate and jelly products. We have even packaged mini salami sausages in this way. Please feel free to challenge us. 

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