Flexicon releases latest bulk bag conditioner

A new BLOCK-BUSTER Hydraulic Bulk Bag Conditioner from Flexicon features arched doorway masts that increase overhead clearance for easier insertion and removal of palletised bulk bags using a forklift.

The conditioner loosens hygroscopic chemicals, spice blends, heat-sensitive products, and other bulk materials that have solidified during storage and shipment, returning the material to a free-flowing state and enabling bulk bag unloaders to discharge the material through bag spouts.

For the confectionery industry, Flexicon manufactures solutions that can handle a wide range of raw materials including spices, powdered sugar and cocoa powder, to name a few.

The new conditioner includes a  hydraulically-actuated, variable-height turntable operating in concert with two hydraulic rams to press opposing sides of the bulk bag at varying heights, rotate the bag 90 degrees, and then repeat the conditioning cycle.

The number and pressure of hydraulic ram actuations, the height of the turntable, and the number of 90-degree rotations are all user programmable at the systems’ control panel’s HMI.

Enclosed on four sides, the conditioner is equipped with full-height, safety-interlocked doors that disable all equipment functions when the doors are open.

The system’s hydraulic pump can be mounted on the exterior of the safety cage or remotely, and requires only an electrical power connection for operation.

Available through the company’s Quick-Ship Programme as a stand-alone unit, the conditioner is capable of accommodating bulk bags of all popular sizes. It is also available constructed of stainless steel for sanitary and corrosive applications, and in configurations integral to bulk bag dischargers that reduce the cost, footprint and loading time of separate equipment.

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