DS Smith partners with Filir to redesign packaging

DS Smith, a supplier of sustainable and fibre-based packaging solutions has partnered with Filir d.o.o., a distributor of global confectionery products, to redesign packaging for the company’s Easter product portfolio. DS Smith has replaced traditional plastic packaging for Easter snacks and candies with a fibre-based and 100% recyclable fibre packaging solution, replacing the plastic bag that was previously used for the Easter confectionery products.

The new packaging solution has been created by DS Smith designers to contain less materials and minimise waste. Key features include a locking system that is designed to prevent the chocolate boxes from being opened before use. The chocolate boxes are easy to assemble and fitted with a corrugated cardboard carry handle for additional versatility and usability.

The Filir product is part of an unboxing experience where the product inside is intended to be a surprise. By using green-coloured artwork on the new packaging, it differentiates itself from competitor brands and connotes its environmental friendliness.

The DS Smith team of designers applied their unique Circular Design Metrics (CDM) approach to rate and compare the circularity of the packaging designs across eight different indicators. The Circular Design Metrics, an industry first, give a clear indication of a packaging design’s sustainability performance and where to focus attention. The new packaging is 100% recyclable, and reusable, and manufactured to keep the product and materials in use for longer.

“We have been delighted to participate in this plastic replacement project and the primary challenge was to develop a creative packaging solution to maintain and build on the functionality of this popular Easter gift, while maintaining an arresting and recognisable shelf presence for the supermarkets and vendors,” explained Jasmina Cuković, Cluster Innovation Specialist, DS Smith Packaging, Croatia. “It was also vital to ensure the fun-based reuse options and repurposing opportunities for customers after purchase. We applied our DS Smith Circular Design Principles and approach to eliminate even the smallest amounts of plastic in the packaging and apply rigorous testing of its sustainable strengths and weaknesses.”

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