Confectionery Live’s Call For Content

Call for content for Confectionery Live is now open with a deadline of the 20th June 2022.

Confectionery Live is the virtual event that is perfectly placed to establish itself as the leading and must-attend online event for the international confectionery sector. With the rapid evolution of machinery, and the constant shift of policy and challenging requirements of retailers and producers, it is now more important than ever to communicate this with events.

In our call for papers, we are looking for technological innovations, best practice, case studies and success stories. The event will be split into two major themes, those being Sugar Confectionery and Chocolate. Within these themes the following sections will be discussed:

    • Ethical Sourcing in Chocolate

    From bean to bar. How ingredients are being grown and harvested in a way that is more sustainable, as well as topical issues around child labour, cocoa sourcing, the environment, palm oil in chocolate, cocoa prices in poverty, fair trade chocolate certification schemes and more.

    • Raw Materials & Ingredients

    What are the latest innovations in ingredients and alternatives, and how are they impacting product quality and production. How is the consumer landscape shifting the demand for the health-conscious consumer, as well as veganism, and how is the raw material applied in the process of producing chocolate and sugar confectionery?

    • Machinery & Production (the making of)

    The latest innovations and technology in the world of confectionery to improve speed, efficiency, and productivity. What machinery and technology is being used to make chocolate and sugar confectionery and what innovations in the robotics and smart machinery sector are becoming increasingly popular?

    • Packaging & Materials/Technology

    The future of packaging. The latest challenges and trends within the packaging process to solve manufacturers problems through the supply chain. What technology and innovations are being applied to the packaging sector, including the challenges of sustainability, shelf life, environmental issues and what types of new materials and processes are being used to improve efficiency?

    • Consumer Insight

    What are the latest trends in the industry and how are companies and manufacturers actively tackling growing challenges, what is the ‘NEXT normal’ and what the focus on health and nutrition means for the confectionery industry?

    • The Producer

    What types of confectionery and chocolate are consumers most drawn to and why, what branding and flavours are being chosen by retail establishments and why and is there still a competition between the high street and the e-consumer – who will win?

    • Panel Discussions on Topical Themes

    ICLive is also looking to form panel discussions with speakers from the entire confectionery/chocolate supply chain to discuss topical issues and growing trends.

    The papers will be graded by our esteemed editorial committee made up of our in-house editorial International Confectionery team, external experts from market-leading organisations and associations from across the world.

    You can submit your papers through our Call for Content tab on our website.

    If you have any further questions or comments, please email us on or feel free to call us on +44 (0)1622 823 920. If you wish to learn more about our exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Duncan Armstrong on +44 (0) 1622 823 926 or email

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