CHOCOTECH – 104 years of expertise

CHOCOTECH looks back on its extensive journey as a successful system supplier of process and production systems for the confectionery industry 


Part of SOLLICH KG since 1992, with headquarters in Wernigerode and representatives all over the world, CHOCOTECH, the experienced candy experts offer solutions for soft and hard candy masses such as jellies, chewy candies, hard candies, caramel, fondant, aerated candy masses, laminated candies, Halwa as well as OTC soft and hard candies. 


Candy products – efficiently and hygienically produced.  


The variety of candy products is endless – hard and soft candies are extremely popular. CHOCOTECH GmbH is aware of the requirements of candy manufacturers and develops systems for efficient and hygienic production.  


When it comes to new production systems in the confectionery industry, energy saving is one of the most important factors today. This requires science and innovation – and the CHOCOTECH team has taken up this challenge from the very beginning. In the sense of “keep it simple, but effective”, the experts from Wernigerode offer many innovative processes and systems – from raw material handling to the finished product – as a “turnkey solution”. 


Hard candy and lollipop 


There are different processes for producing hard candy products – production success depends on various factors. Precise PLC-controlled monitoring of the process and system parameters, for example weighing, mixing process, cooking temperature and flow rates, is essential for sustainable product quality.  


The SUCROMASTER®, which was specially developed for the production of various hard candy products, is equipped with a special screw discharge system that enables a high vacuum and minimal dwell time, thus guaranteeing the quality of the end products while being gentle on the product. Throughputs of 50 – 5,000 kg/h can be realised with different system sizes. Whether multi-coloured ropes with different flavours, aerated or non-aerated, laminated products, caramelised or milk hard candies or even OTC pastilles and throat drops, CHOCOTECH has the right solution for all requirements. 


In combination with the patented ECOGRAV® system for flexible, gravimetric weighing and mixing of recipe components, energy savings of up to 70% can be achieved in the production of hard candy products.  

These are just some of the system components used for hard candy production – the CHOCOTECH portfolio covers the entire product range. 


With NUOVA EUROMEC, CHOCOTECH has had a strong partner at its side for many years, whose product portfolio complements and enables this turnkey expertise. Whether chain embossing, rotary embossing or extruded hard candy products with liquid or powder filling as embossed hard candy or lollipop, the flexibility and possibilities of the combined portfolio are unique in the market and offer customers the maximum flexibility, efficiency and system availability that the market requires.     


Sustainable from consulting to production 


The experts from Wernigerode focus on preparing for future production requirements, forward-looking research and developing adjustable systems. As a result, CHOCOTECH GmbH not only offers CIP-enabled systems and places particular emphasis on efficiency and resource-saving production, but also works closely with its customers to optimise existing systems and adapt its coaching sessions to individual needs. 


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