Ask the Expert: Syntegon

Jeroen Gode, system Engineer and Bakery Expert at Syntegon, talks to International Confectionery about the company’s packaging capabilities and developments in the industry. 1/ How does Syntegon stay ahead of the curve?  Syntegon has decades of experience in engineering packaging systems. We carefully analyse the requirements of our customers to ensure they get a system tailored to their needs.  Syntegon provides bakery …

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Sugars and Sweeteners

Technical Editor, Clay Gordon, discusses new alternatives to sugars and sweeteners, its history, and growing popularity focusing on how the industry desires to replicate flavour.  To modern tastes, the histories of chocolate and sugar are as dance partners engaged in an intimate flavour tango: For what is chocolate without sugar?  For the vast majority of its history, sugar – or a sweetener of any …

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Ask the Expert: Berndorf

Johannes Simmel , the Product Management Food & Bakery, Berndorf Band Group,  gives an insight into steel belts for the bakery and confectionery industry and provides commentary on the companies success.   1/ What allows your belts to stand out compared to your competitors?   As leading full-service supplier of steel belts and belt systems, we provide tailor-made solutions, which unite all requirements for …

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Ask the Expert: Tanis

Tom Verburg, Director of Business Development at Tanis, talks to International Confectionery about the company’s commitment to help its customers succeed in business. From co-developing business ideas, including entering the active candies market, to after-sales manufacturing equipment support. Having been involved with installations for the food production industry for more than 35 years, Tom Verburg …

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Big Interview: Plamil

International Confectionery Editor, Roshini Bains, converses with Adrian Ling, the ‘Vegan Willy Wonka’ and CEO of Plamil Foods, to discuss the need for alternative chocolates.  1) Can you tell us about the history of Plamil, why it started, and what is the company’s ethos?      Plamil, the first vegan company, was started in the 1950’s by those that were at the start of the vegan movement. I …

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Cover Story: Cepi SPA

Riccardo Satta, Research & Development food technologist of CEPI spa, discusses the latest turnkey solutions the company provides to improve data management and produce solutions for their customers. Riccardo Satta is a food technologist with two decades of food industry experience both in R&D and in the manufacture of bulk-handling installations. In CEPI, he handles R&D supporting the engineering department in finding the most suitable technical solutions for materials and …

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Product Spotlight: IPS

Industrial Packaging Solution (IPS) outlines its comprehensive range of aluminium solutions for a wide range of applications in confectionery packaging.  IPS Industrial Packaging Solution is a company specialising in aluminium foil for flexible packaging. The company supplies coated, laminated, printed and embossed foil for a wide range of applications and final uses, adapting our products to buyers’ needs. Each batch is subject to accurate quality controls …

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Optimising productivity with turnkey systems

Edward Smagarinsky, Group Product Manager, tna solutions discusses optimising productivity exclusively for International Confectionery  The confectionery market is booming, with the global chocolate, confectionery and desserts sector expected to witness an upward volume and value trajectory from 2020-23, and value increasing at a faster rate than volume when compared to baseline industry predictions.1 With such …

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new alternatives

Flavours and colours: new alternatives

Health-conscious consumers are showing a greater focus on clean-label confectionery and chocolate products which means a rise in natural colour alternatives and authentic, traceable, Fairtrade chocolate. Both flavour and colour are two huge factors in confectionery products; the vivid colours associated with sweet treats give the visual appeal to customers, whilst the sensory and experiential element from the flavours is what keeps the customer coming …

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Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Beneo

Rudy Wouters, Vice-President of the BENEO-Technology Centre features in International Confectionery Product Spotlight feature, about healthy indulgence trends and newly installed equipment for chocolate production. With consumer interest in products that promote healthy indulgence continuing to rise, the BENEO-Technology Centre is eyeing innovation opportunities in the fields of bakery and dairy-free chocolate. Together with the sugar division …

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