Canadian Ag-Tech Company PIP International Launches Groundbreaking Technology

Canadian Ag-tech plant-based processor, PIP International (PIP), announced today a groundbreaking technological breakthrough in plant proteins.  The innovative technology has finally cracked the code on pea protein’s poor taste, colour, texture and compromised performance, driving “UP” industry standards and the potential to shift consumers’ enjoyment of plant-based foods. UP.P™ or ‘Ultimate Pea Protein’ offers what no other pea protein can, a demonstrable visual appeal and superior functionality while providing a level of affordability that is attracting global attention from leading food manufacturers.

In 2020, PIP International, a privately owned Canadian-controlled corporation, secured an exclusive master license agreement for the rights to use and sub-license a transformative “coercion” technology. By using a targeted reaction, under strict parameters, the process quickly but gently separates or “coerces” out the proteins without damaging their functional properties. In addition, PIP demonstrates evidence of their commitment to the environment by harnessing alternate industry technologies to significantly reduce water, generate and store abundant green power, eliminate waste, and drastically drop the natural gas demands.

“The growing demand for plant proteins is at an all-time high, but consumers still want more enjoyable and sustainable plant-based options. PIP’s UP.P™is responsibly extracted with an unrelenting focus on a neutral taste without diminishing performance, creating a product with the unparalleled potential to disrupt the industry,” said Christine Lewington, CEO of PIP International. “PIP is excited to introduce UP.P™, as we saw what others have seen, but we are now doing what others have never done.”

Knowing where our food comes from and how it is processed is changing how many companies do business. To implement full transparency of PIP’s supply chain, in late 2021, PIP secured the required acres to grow their current and future pea demand. PIP has the unique ability to implement a leading-edge Ag-tech traceability program, controlling from seed to final protein.

Committed to accelerating the global adoption of sustainable plant proteins, UP.P™ transcends across diverse applications for food manufacturers including: dairy, cheeses, spoon-ables, beverages, confectionery and specialty foods. Renowned for their complete essential amino profile and soil-fixing environmental benefits, peas are also an excellent protein source, high in fibre, low-fat, digestible, low allergens, and use less water to grow.

“IMPROVE SAS has been working with PIP International closely for over two years to commercialize a significant advancement in plant protein extraction technology,” said Denis Chereau, CEO IMPROVE SAS, France. “PIP owns an Exclusive Master License Agreement for IMPROVE’s innovative, patent pending, sustainable extraction technology that will bring the cleanest tasting, highest functioning, most sustainable pea protein to the market!”

With the plant-based protein industry expected to reach over $14 billion USD in the next three years, and the increasing criticism of unsustainable processing, the agri-food sector requires more investment and innovation. PIP International’s vision and emerging ecosystem is a bright light in the food industry and Canada’s Food Corridor as they invest and innovate to maximize new product developments, value-added economic streams, and environmental stewardship. As a result, consumers will soon have a cleaner, tastier and more optimized option for their plant-based protein, thanks to UP.P™.

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