Confections on the Cutting Edge with Almonds

Innovative almonds and chocolate products are offering indulgence and relaxation as well as desirable nutrition and mood benefits for holistic wellness.  Download our newest infographic to learn more plant-based indulgence, mood food, and balancing nutrition with taste and texture-giving consumers more of what they want, without compromises.

Global chocolate reports from Innova Market Insights and the Almond Board of California indicate the confectionery landscape is shifting in step with evolving consumer preferences. View the global product examples and consumer insights below to discover key trends and market opportunities for nutritious, novel, and feel-good chocolate.

Why is confectionery the #1 category for global almond introductions? Consumers report that almonds make chocolate:

•Crunchier and Tastier
• More nutritious
• Something I feel less guilty
about eating
• More filling and satisfying
• More natural and nostalgic
• Higher quality

Providing new plant-based indulgence 

•Plant-based claims: +47% growth among total food introductions in 2020
• Plant-based chocolate claims: +18 average annual growth (2016-2020)
• Almonds were the #1 nut for plant-based claims in new products in 2020

Bounty Vegan Gluten Free Couverture Chocolate
Indulge with the delicious combination of rich cocoa and diced coconut, blended with smooth and creamy almond paste.

Prochez Strawberry Almond Cheese Protein Bar

Unique guilt-free, plant-based nutritious & tasty product combining cultured & aged almond cheese with cheesecake-like texture, infused with loads of fruits and covered with heavenly delicious dark chocolate.

Oatein Nutty Crisp with Chocolate Flavour

Smooth milk chocolate bar with dates and almonds. Suitable for vegans, high in protein, rich in fibre.

64% of global consumers responded: “I have found more ways to tailor my life and the products I buy to my individual style, beliefs and need.”

Holistic health and mood food

Global consumers report taking action to improve health & wellbeing, focusing on: 53% physical wellbeing, 44% mental and emotional wellbeing, 32% spiritual time.

Almonds appear across trending mood platforms

For consumers seeking an easy, natural approach to nutrition and well-being, almonds are an ideal ingredient due to their healthy nutrient package including fiber and protein* for satiety and sustained energy, essential fatty acids, polyphenols, magnesium, and antioxidant vitamin E.

Eat Gold Organics Sweet Dreams Chocolate

Sweet Dreams blend features melatonin-rich almonds, calming reishi mushrooms, and tryptophan to send you nodding off to dreamland.


Blue Strips Ancient Cacao Bar: Almond Butter

Sustainable energy source and coffee alternative. Features phenylalanine to boost mood and focus.


Elavi Chocolate Goji Berry 

Antioxidant superfoods to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, enhance mood.

Balancing nutrition with taste and texture 

Through growing interest in holistic wellness, taste and texture still play a key role in increasing chocolate’s indulgence and providing novel experiences.

In the last 12 months, global consumers say chocolate confectionery is the category in which they chose: “24% more indulgent flavour, 21% more complex flavours and 17% more exotic flavours”

With over 14 versatile forms from chopped almonds to almond butter, almond paste and almond milk, it’s possible to achieve desired creamy, crispy, soft and smooth textures. Almonds’ neutral taste can complement a variety of flavors or be made complex itself through roasting.

Cadbury Banoffee Nut Crumble

Milk chocolate bar with banoffee pie inspired fudge pieces, golden almond caramel pieces and crunchy biscuits.

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