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Coesia company ACMA which specialises in packaging machinery for consumer goods, will be participating at Pack Expo this year, which is being held in Chicago, 23 to 26 October. At the show it will be exhibiting its CW 800, a wrapper for spherical chocolates equipped with OptiMate Premium and sustainable packaging designed for confectionery.

ACMA will be taking part in the show as part of Coesia, who will present machines and products designed to increase the reliability and efficiency of production processes in three areas dedicated to food and beverage, pharma and personal care and cross industry automation. It will also launch the Re-Commerce project for companies looking for automatic solutions for managing orders from online channels.

The confectionery sector and North American market are regarded as key areas of the company’s core business. Confectionery in North America has a compound annual growth rate of 3.8% in the 2020-2025 period, expecting to reach US$1.94 billion in value. For this reason, ACMA has developed new solutions to cover the needs of the sector included various technologies such as fold wrapping to flowpacking, tray & sleeve packaging to cartoning and box filling.

The CW 800, a machine for wrapping spherical chocolate pralines, will be shown in a version dedicated to the double twist style. A feature of the machine, OptiMate, will be on display at Pack Expo. OptiMate allows the operator to change format and maintain the machine. The version on show will be set up in premium mode and featuring further advanced characteristics in comparison to the standard version, which includes the ability to perform a production analysis through detailed reporting and advanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance.

OptiMate is used not only for controlling the machine but also for optimising production and consequently, the consumption of material and energy. After searching for sustainable solutions ACMA created the Sustainability Lab, where it is possible to test the behaviour and machinability of new sustainable materials. This is possible for both flowpacking and twist wrapping technologies. The goal of the lab is to understand the structural limits of different materials and ensure the best performance during operation in the machine.

Studies carried out within the Sustainability Lab led to the inauguration of the Material Gate in 2021, a patented system for carrying out tests on twisted wrapping materials including the double staple for CW 800. This unit is an effective way to quickly evaluate the performance of a new material without purchasing a new machine or replacing an existing one.

In confectionery, packs must be easy to open and close while ensuring a long shelf life and strength. They must convey the brand image well – ACMA responded to these needs with paper-based solutions, which can be viewed at the show at the Coesia Shelf. Ecoshell is a family of packs which allow optimal dosage of the product and ease of use. It’s also scalable in size and proportions, suitable for different commercial purposes depending on the type of product which will be packaged. It can be used for gummy candies and chewing gums, but also cotton buds or supplements.

New technologies developed by ACMA for the forming and filling of packages make it possible to obtain shapes that aren’t expected to be efficient and sustainable, guaranteeing flexibility in terms of customising dimensions and shapes.

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