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GoodMills Innovation now offers an ingredient with a high spermidine content / Positioning in the Health and Healthy Ageing segments

GoodMills Innovation presents SpermidinEvo, a new wheat germ concentrate with added health benefits. Rich in spermidine, it supports autophagy, the self-cleaning process that takes place in the body’s cells and is linked to a healthy immune system as well as decelerated ageing. The new ingredient also provides vitamins that enhance these positive effects: folic acid plays an important role in immune defence and vitamin E, with its cell-protecting function, is considered to be a classic anti-ageing ingredient. High-quality vegetable proteins and fats round off the nutritional profile. This composition allows product developments in the health, wellbeing and healthy ageing market segments. Thanks to its pleasant taste, the concentrate is suitable for numerous applications.

Scientific studies have concluded that spermidine has an effect on autophagy. During this continuous self-cleaning process, old and superfluous cell components as well as harmful invaders such as viruses are broken down and recycled. As these disassembled components can subsequently be used to build new structures, this system provides a highly energy efficient mechanism for the production and renewal of cells. Spermidine occurs naturally in the human body and is produced within the cells as well as by bacteria in the intestinal microbiome. A spermidine-rich diet can also help to stimulate autophagy.

SpermidinEVO from GoodMills Innovation is an excellent source of spermidine and is characterised by a particularly high degree of purity. Compared with conventional wheat germs, the concentrate has up to six times the spermidine content. Just two grams of this innovative wheat germ concentrate provide the recommended daily intake of one milligram of spermidine.

Optimum spermidine supply from inside and outside

The company has already developed numerous ingredients that contribute to a healthy microbiome and thus offers a holistic approach to spermidine supply. “The right nutrient source for intestinal bacteria is an important basis for the body’s own spermidine production. Dietary fibres contribute to healthy intestinal flora and thus support spermidine production from within,” explains Michael Gusko, Managing Director of GoodMills Innovation GmbH. “The combination of high-fibre ingredients and our spermidine-rich wheat germ concentrate makes it possible to boost cell recycling in two ways — from the inside out and from the outside in.”

Regular fasting intervals and intensive sport stimulate autophagy, but foods and drinks with SpermidinEVO can address less active health-conscious consumers who find it hard to fit regular activity into their everyday life and would rather not undertake fasting.

Numerous applications

From baked goods, bars, cookies and pasta to liquid applications such as dairy drinks and shakes, there are almost no limits to the uses of SpermidinEVO. The wheat germ concentrate can be easily integrated into existing recipes as well as product innovations. If dosed in sufficient amounts, health-related claims such as folic acid for immune system support, and vitamin E for cell protection are also possible. GoodMills Innovation’s application experts are available to provide advice throughout the entire product development process.


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