​Chocolate sales in the UK take a nosedive, affecting many huge companies

A number of high profile chocolate manufacturers are seeing their products dip in sales within the UK, as chocolate sales have slumped by a combined £78m amid Britons paying closer attention to health warnings.

12 of the biggest chocolate brands within the UKm such as Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Maltesers and Galaxy – have all lost big earnings over the last 12 months, according to an analysis by IRI.

Dairy Milk in particular were impacted, as the value of their sales declined by a staggering 4.2%, which equates to a £19.9m loss in sales. Out of the 12 chocolate brands who are seen as giants within the UK, it’s Dairy Milk who have suffered the largest loss.

Galaxy lost a higher percentage of sales than Dairy Milk at 5.2%, however their overall drop was £11.4m as opposed to Dairy Milk losing 19.9m. Malteses were also down by 7.6%, which equates to £8.9m, while Twirl lost 5.8% of their sales, which works out at £5.7m.

What is very much worth noting however, is that despite these companies having chunks of their sales wiped out, the category is still worth a whopping £2.4bn, and with Christmas on the horizon, those companies will no doubt find a way to try and make up for these losses.

Manufacturers across the board are responding to health concerns, with Nestlé​ in particular revealing in March that they would reduce the amount of sugar used across their entire confectionery portfolio by 10%, as UK residents are trying harder to maintain a healthy living lifestyle. 

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