‘World first’ whole sugarcane sweetener to halve sugar in chocolate used by Daintree Estates

In a groundbreaking move, Australian firm Daintree Estates have started using a new sweetener combo derived from sugarcane specifically for their new milk chocolate range Fyto, which can supposedly half total sugar content.

The company, which was set up in 2011 by Barry Kitchen – former managing director of Cadbury Schweppes Australia – previously developed the first single origin Australian chocolate, while also having their own plantation in North Queensland.

Earlier in October, the the company brought our a new child-friendly chocolate range in Fyto the Frog, which – as well as containing Australian cocoa – is sweetened with a Whole Sugarcane Sweetener, which is made up of sugarcane finer (Phytocel), raw sugar and a sugarcane extract (Phytolin) – all of which is from Australia.

Bound together by a sugarcane extract called Phytolin, the trademarked Whole Sugarcane Sweetener which has been used by Daintree is extracted naturally.

Phytolin itself is developed by Australian natural flavour company The Product Makers, and is patented.

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