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Tanis has been supplying candy manufacturers with production line equipment since 1995.  From our administrative and development base in the Netherlands, Tanis creates complete production lines for gums and jellies manufacturers all over the world. There is not much we do not knowabout how different ingredients behave when you put them together and process them!

To optimally serve all our customers across different regions and time zones, we work with a network of agents who speak your language and know your local market. Our service includes everything from optimising your recipe to piecing together the right production equipment, whatever the scale of your output. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for producing perfect gummies and jellies. That is why our Innovation Centre welcomes customers from all over the world to explore the endless possibilities, first-hand. Our experts are here to take you and your team through the entire process. From compiling your optimal production line to teaching you how to operate it. Whether you are an experienced manufacturer looking to refresh, upscale or re-invent, or a newcomer to the wonderful world of gums and jellies, your journey to perfection starts here. 

Our customers’ success is also our success. From preparation, cooking and blending to moulding, conditioning and finishing, each piece of our expertly engineered machinery talks to the other, and to you, so production is always perfectly orchestrated. Whether you go for one of our state-of-the-art robotic systems or something with a larger degree of manual involvement. 

All set for active candies 

There currently is an explosion of desire for ‘functional’ candies containing health-enhancing ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and CBD oil. 

While these can be produced on any Tanis production line, if you will be switching between active-ingredient recipes and want absolute assurance of zero cross-contamination, you should choose one of our non-starch lines from our Tanis OTC Candy Equipment brand. Available for hourly capacities of 10,000 up to 600,000 pieces, the Tanis 400S, 400M and 800 Robotic series use our own, unique, non-starch plastic moulds which can be hygienically cleaned between batches to leave no residue. 

As always in gums and jellies production, one change can easily affect other stages in the process. Using non-starch moulds calls for different techniques elsewhere in production. These non-starch lines have been developed from start to finish to accommodate every necessary tweak. 

Using a non-starch production line is not just a great solution for guaranteed avoidance of cross-contamination, the removal of starch from the moulding process also eliminates spread of starch dust around your production facility. What is more, the absence of a starch-handling system and reduction of conditioning rooms means less floor space is required. 

Whether you are interested in producing gums and jellies with or without active ingredients, low sugar, special flavours and finishes or anything else, at Tanis, we will be very happy to fine-tune a solution that is just right for you. 

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