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The story of Rinsch began in 1989 with one man in a barn, at a farm outside town, in Germany close to the Dutch border. The team grew quickly and back then we built pretty much everything to do with metal, from contract manufacture to bespoke solutions and special designs for the local market. Today we have found our place and specialised in stainless steel equipment for the chocolate and confectionery industry and supply customers around the globe.  

It is our mission to build high quality, user-friendly, affordable chocolate equipment for the confectionery industry all over the world. To follow our vision of delivering happiness to humankind through chocolate, Rinsch operates reliably on the four pillars: Solutions, Support, Service and Staff. 

The pulse of the business 

Even so, things have changed a lot in the last years. Craftsmanship has remained the pulse of our business and we pride ourselves with the skills of our experienced team. Our strengths are individually built machines and the flexibility to incorporate customer requirements and bespoke solutions by having the ability to make components manually ourselves rather than having to use mass produced parts off the shelf. Our core values include: be passionate and determined, embrace and drive change, build fruitful relationships with all stakeholders, be creative and open minded and do it yourself. 

Finding solutions  

The driver behind our business is to find solutions for and with our customers for their vital side processes which are sometimes forgotten about when the focus lies on the main production process. We like to see ourselves as problem-solvers who happen to sell machines instead of services. The end user is our focus and puts practicality and user-friendliness at the heart of our product design. With this in mind we are always open to feedback and input from our customers during every step of the process. It is our goal to have a solution before the customer even knows there is a problem. We put ourselves into our customer’s footsteps to find the best solution for everyone from multinationals to family businesses, SME’s or entrepreneurs. 

Our products 

Rinsch offers a range of stainless-steel accessories that go well alongside the main production lines.  

Tanks: Different variations of storage, chocolate melting or buffer tanks, as plug and play units or part of bigger installations. 

Mobile Mass Container: Movable, heated, horizontal container with pump, built as all-in-one units, for a wide range of applications including rework. 

Melter: Fat and chocolate block and chip melter in various executions.  

Process Tanks: Vertical tanks with different types of stirrers for fillings or semi-finished products.  

Pipework: Double walled pipes installed or for self-installation. 

For more information about Rinsch and our product range please visit: www.rinsch-gmbh.de or contact us at mail@rinsch-gmbh.de. T-: +49 2152 89320 

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