Whitakers deliver quality and deliciousness in their newest chocolate products


Whitakers Chocolates has evolved over 130 years and five generations from a small team manufacturing chocolate by hand in the back of a shop, to a 150 strong workforce producing millions of chocolates every day in a state-of-the-art production facility.

The company take pride in manufacturing the most delicious chocolates, whether it be for their own retail and catering brand, or private label products for clients who wish to provide their customers with alternative brands.

The sourcing of Whitakers’ ingredients plays a vital role in their manufacturing process. All of their chocolate, flavours, and packaging are sourced from suppliers who are fully dedicated to both quality and sustainability and this is definitely present within their latest designs:

Cappuccino Honeycomb Bites*****

These bitesize chocolates are made from smooth milk chocolate, flavoured with cappuccino coffee, complete with crunchy honeycomb crisp inclusions. The tuck-top box suggests this is a sharing treat, but with the delicate texture and moreish flavour, one could easily consume the entire box for themselves. Delivering sweetness on every level and complementing the taste buds with a mixture of coffee aromas and a syrupy addition from the honeycomb, these bites are heavenly to say the least. The only downside is that they disappear in seconds!

Mint Cremes ****

Peppermint flavoured fondant centres flavoured with mint flavour enrobed in Whitakers signature 55% dark chocolate – these are perfect for those who enjoy something chocolaty but refreshing, reminiscent of an After Eight, but with just added substance. Mint chocolate is a renowned favourite within the confectionery sector and the underlying key is subtlety – you don’t want a chocolate that tastes too much like toothpaste. These Mint Cremes are slightly overloaded with peppermint cream, but the dark chocolate is so rich that it complements the entirety – a treat for the Christmas season no doubt.

Dark Ginger *****

The brand new Dark Ginger Chocolate bar is made with 70% dark chocolate, delicately flavoured with ginger extract. This may even tempt those who are not a fan of dark chocolate as the ginger creates an entirely new flavour that detracts from any bitterness. Only natural ingredients have been used in the Ginger Bar and you can definitely tell by its texture and taste, it is truly a fresh sensation. The whole bar is foil-sealed and tucked inside a card sleeve for a luxurious finish – a classy, well-crafted, delicious premium chocolate.


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