WCF’s 2024 Partnership Meeting

The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) recently announced the date and location for its 2024 Partnership Meeting, an annual global event on cocoa sustainability. The conference will take place in the Beurs van Berlage (Old Stock Exchange) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 6-7 February 2024.

The organisation said that next year the Partnership Meeting would be kicking off Amsterdam Cocoa Week with the CHOCOA conference taking place in the same venue from 7-11 February 2024. This will offer participants a full week of events related to cocoa sustainability.

“Opening the week with our Partnership Meeting and closing with CHOCOA will be an exciting start to 2024 allowing the global cocoa sector to further our partnerships and strategies to achieve the transition to sustainable cocoa,” commented Chris Vincent, President of WCF, calling the Amsterdam Cocoa week an opportunity for cooperation and collaboration.

CHOCOA is an annual marketplace for cocoa and chocolate for quality and sustainability; where cocoa and chocolate are traded, new business contracts are made and existing ones are reinforced.

WCF’s Partnership Meeting last year closed pre-event registrations as it experienced a surge in demand for its first in-person gathering in three years. The organisation registered more than 350 people for the two day gathering which took place at The Hotel in Brussels.

“Amsterdam has always been one of the most important hubs in the cocoa sector, for transport, warehousing, trade, and processing. It will now also be one of the most important hubs for discussing and designing sustainability,” said Jack Steijn, Co-Founder of CHOCOA, who expressed excitement about the two events forming the headlines of the Amsterdam Cocoa Week.

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