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Omya highlighted its proprietary mineral particles plus specialty ingredients from its distribution portfolio allowing the creation of holistic added value products.

At HiE 2018, Omya presented its Calcipur range of natural calcium carbonates. This all-round ingredient optimises production processes and formulations, but is also a supreme fortification agent. Thanks to a high bioavailability, this concentrated mineral source supports bone health as well as the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. Besides its nutritional qualities, the ingredient positively influences texture and processing, scoring well in applications such as powdered foods, bakery products, cereals, extruded snacks, vegan drinks, and many more food and beverage products.

Due to the worlds ageing population, calcium enrichment of foods and beverages is an ongoing trend in order to avoid the health problems associated with calcium deficiency. The high elemental calcium content of approximately 40% means up to five times less Omya Calcipur is needed, compared with other available technical solutions, in order to achieve the same dose. This guarantees reduced costs and less impact on the sensory profile of the end product. Moreover, calcium-related claims can also be made on pack. Offering a broad variety of mastered particle sizes in combination with synergistic food ingredients such as those included in its distribution portfolio, the ingredient guarantees the best possible results in terms of both nutrition and taste.

With regards to processing qualities, Omya Calcipur is an effective anti-caking aid for powders and can also be used to reduce dust. Additionally, the mineral can improve the gelling qualities of fluids, and correct pH-values. When used in snacks and cereals, the particles lead to better extrusion. In many applications, the ingredient is also able to intensify the taste perception of salty or sweet. So in bakery goods, for example, the sugar content and therefore the calorie count can be reduced.

Another issue of current concern is the reduction of acrylamide formation, but this too can be addressed with the use of calcium carbonate. The chemical by-product develops when starchy ingredients are fried, baked or roasted at high temperatures. With EU regulations presently being updated to reduce harmful acrylamide levels, Omya Calcipur can help manufacturers to advance formulations with no negative impact on taste or volume. Furthermore, as a natural white pigment, Omya Calcipur promotes the opacity and brilliancy of colours, for instance in coatings. Last but not least, the ingredient is also a cost-effective bulking agent.

R&D experts at the Omya booth explained the all-round benefits of calcium carbonates and pointed out options for combination products with specialty ingredients from the company’s  global distribution portfolio. These carefully selected additives include natural colours and colouring foods. Sourced from nature and bearing E numbers, the natural colours are obtained by selective extraction of pigments from raw ingredients, while the colouring foods come from fruits, vegetables or edible plants and have carefully preserved sensory properties. A variety of water and fat-soluble vitamins are the perfect complement to these, and allow manufacturers to develop solutions that meet both market trends and consumer demands.

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