Tony’s implements new mechanism to protect principles

A new mechanism introduced by chocolate producer Tony’s Chocolonely is “groundbreaking”, the company said, as it introduces the concept of Mission Guardians who will hold a golden share in the company and have the power to prevent any legal changes to the company mission and 5 Sourcing Principles.

According to the company, its 5 Sourcing Principles are embedded in Tony’s Articles of Association, but by introducing Mission Guardians it is going “one step further” to safeguard the company’s mission.

This means the company mission, 5 Sourcing Principles and core values cannot be amended without the approval of the new governing structure.

Three Mission Guardians have already been appointed, with strong track records of social impact and sustainability spheres. The new structure is chaired by Seth Goldman, Founder of Honest Tea and Eat the Change, as well as Chair of Beyond Meat.

Ikenna Azuike brings a wealth of experience in social and climate activism with him, and Anne-Wil Dijkstra, Tony’s former Chief of Impact, Operations and People & Culture round off the trio, as Tony’s has said Anne-Wil brings valuable insider knowledge of the company’s impact model and has hands-on experience of implementing the model.

I’ve learnt from my own experience that even when we create companies with the highest aspirations in mission, times change, people change – new people come in, and organisations change too. So, historically no mission is guaranteed,” explained Seth Goldman. “I hope we can serve as advocates for all people and communities around the world that are served and supported by Tony’s 5 Sourcing Principles. Like anything new and unproven, I’m sure we will learn along the way. But I also hope our approach can become a model for other purpose-driven brands.”

“A growing number of purpose-driven companies are looking for ways to secure their impact models at the core of their business permanently and irrevocably, independent of shareholder structure,” added Tony’s Chief Chocolonely, Douglas Lamont. “With this model, we hope to role model what we believe to be a powerful mechanism to protect our mission and Sourcing Principles forever and act as an inspiration for others to look more closely at what they can do to secure their mission too.”

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