Tony’s Chocolonely launch Tony’s Chocolloquium

Tony's Chocolonely launch Tony’s Chocolloquium

Tony’s Chocolonely, the chocolate-making impact company on a mission to end illegal child labour and modern slavery in the cocoa industry, has launched a new video series in conversation with five global change-makers who share their sweet solutions for social justice. 

Tony’s Chocolloquium – a play on the word for conversational lectures – was created to showcase how other outspoken instigators from diverse industries are shaking up the status quo, because a fairer world needs more than just fairer chocolate.

The five-part series takes the form of 10-minute video chats between host Amelia Høy – actor and activist – and five social activists who have brought about positive systemic change in their different industries. These include upskirting activist Gina Martin who implemented a new law in the UK, sustainable textile creator Borre Akkersdijk who is democratising responsible design and manufacturing processes, shared economy Hello Tractor appmaker Jehiel Oliver who is disrupting the outdated agricultural ecosystem in Africa, women’s financial liberator Chetna Gala Sinha who is revolutionising banking in India, and political power adaptor Saikat Chakrabarti who is reshaping US politics with candidates such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

As Tony’s Movement Lead, Sabrina Spong commented: “each episode highlights an individual who, like Tony’s, leads by example with a workable solution that inspires others to act. Their stories cover big issues outside of chocolate, but the parallels to Tony’s are clear – influencing industry, disrupting ecosystems, tackling inequality and rewriting the law. The change we’re campaigning for in the chocolate industry is change that’s needed the world over. With Tony’s Chocolloquium, we hope to inspire even more people to raise the bar for a more equitable world.”

New episodes will be released every two weeks on Tony’s Chocolonely’s website, Instagram TV and YouTube. The idea is to create uplifting and inspiring content and give a platform for great ideas and facilitating more sweet solutions to society’s issues.

“At Tony’s we believe in a simple truth: life is better when we all have it better,” explained Spong. “We have been vouching for a different norm since we found out that modern slavery and illegal child labour were common practice in cocoa production. We took our responsibility, re-worked the supply chain and proved that chocolate can be made on more equal terms. Our sweet solution is our chocolate bar, produced according to Tony’s five Sourcing Principles. But a fair society isn’t built by a fair cocoa industry alone and we need more sweet solutions than just ours. Let’s raise the bar together!”



Image Credit: Tony’s Chocolonely
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