Tap into seasonal candy trends, recommends NCA report

A new National Confectioners Association (NCA) report shows seasonal chocolate and candy drive confectionery sales as consumers view these treats as a key part of their celebrations.

Findings from the report showed 64% of total chocolate and candy sales are attributed to four major holidays – Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and the winter holidays – which allows for merchandising opportunities that ensure confectionery continues to enhance special occasions and that the category remains strong, year-round.

The new report, titled ‘Getting to Know Seasonal Chocolate & Candy Consumers’ offers an in-depth look at the trends, attitudes and behaviours related to confectionery treating during the four main seasonal moments. The report also explores innovation and merchandising opportunities for manufacturers and retailers with regards to introducing new seasonal products to shoppers. 88% of consumers report they like to see new items when browsing for seasonal chocolate and candy.

“Seasonal treating is deeply rooted in tradition and elicits memories of happy times, sharing with loved ones and an unmatched feeling of nostalgia,” stated John Downs, President and CEO of the National Confectioners Association. “Given the important role that chocolate and candy play in the seasons, it’s no surprise that the category enjoys a high rate of permissibility, with 96% of U.S. consumers in agreement that it is perfectly fine to enjoy some treats during the holidays. Even in challenging economic times, consumers are celebrating and making room in their budgets for the affordable luxury of chocolate and candy.”

94% of American consumers say seasonal treats help to create memories, meaning the time-honoured tradition of sharing confectionery is an important consideration for consumers when they purchase chocolate and candy.

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