Tanis Confectionery: Let’s make candy smarter with our OTC 400s

Whether you’re an existing producer or are thinking about kickstarting your own small-scale production, OTC Candy from Tanis Confectionery provides you with the right equipment and expertise to step into the game.

Nutraceutical candy, and vitamin gummies specifically, have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The recipe is critical to a great product. And when adding nutraceuticals it influences the flavour. Vitamin C is exceptionally sour, for example, so adding this vitamin to your candy may require an added buffer salt. There are certain required additives for many different kinds of vitamins, so experimentation is required to create the perfect piece of candy that meets your demands. Within our Candy Innovation Centre, the recipe is perfected and made stable before the production process begins. This way, consistent yields are guaranteed.

Where OTC Candy makes the difference

Since creating shelf stable vitamin candy can be quite difficult, it is important to treat all steps of the production process with care. This is where the strength of OTC Candy lies, starting with the right recipe and working towards a stable end product through a continuous cooking system and controlled cooling environment.

Our production lines can be both manual or fully automated and anything in between, increasing the amount of control and safeguarding as we go. More automation means more capacity to produce high quality vitamin gummies. We’re one of the few who can create accurate production lines in these varying sizes, from 60kg an hour all the way up to 5000kg an hour, we’re glad to work with you on the production line that suits your needs!

Let’s make candy smarter with our OTC 400S

The OTC 400S production line is the ideal entry level production line to further automate the production of your functional gummies. The footprint of this complete line is 100 – 150m2. It has all the benefits of continuous cooking, vacuumising, accurate depositing and automatic de-moulding. The capacity range is 60-100 kg/hr and a consistent quality end-product is guaranteed. We can offer individual components or the complete production line including utilities.

Let’s kick-start your functional candy business together. Feel free to contact us for more information.



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