Syntegon Viersen becomes HANSELLA and joins the ROTZINGER Group

Syntegon Viersen becomes HANSELLA and joins the ROTZINGER Group

ROTZINGER Group AG, based in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, is to take over the location and most of the product portfolio from Syntegon Technology GmbH at Viersen. The two companies have reached an agreement to this effect. ROTZINGER will acquire the portfolios for filling and sealing machines as well as some of the process technology for candy bars and confectionery. The processing technology for jelly production is excluded from the deal. Syntegon is transferring this product line to its subsidiary Makat Candy Technology GmbH, which will set up a location in the Viersen region.

Syntegon Technology GmbH Viersen (Germany) has made a name for itself worldwide with process and packaging machines for the confectionery industry such as bars, sweets, toffees, fondants, chewing gum, etc., as well as with filling and sealing machines for cosmetics, pharmaceutical oral liquids and liquid food. The site includes departments such as development, design, production, assembly, sales and service.

Syntegon’s business at Viersen emerged from Hansella GmbH, a specialist for high-quality machines for the confectionery industry founded in 1921. Robert Bosch GmbH, the predecessor of Syntegon, took over Hansella GmbH in 1966.

With customers in over 50 countries, ROTZINGER is already very familiar with the market environment of the Viersen-based company. Through joint customers and suppliers, synergies are created both in the product portfolio and in business processes. ROTZINGER would like to make use of these synergies and develop the location sustainably. The company is convinced of the products and the know-how of the employees at the Viersen location. Paul Schnellmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ROTZINGER Group summarises the situation as follows: “Together with the employees, we want to build on the earlier success of the HANSELLA brand. It is to be associated with strength and attractiveness throughout the industry. With this transformation to a medium-sized company, we want to position the entity on the market as an agile and innovative enterprise”.

For the ROTZINGER Group, this extended product portfolio creates new opportunities to offer customers – especially in the bar production business – broader systems from a single source. However, synergies with new solutions are expected in the area of the process, filling and sealing machines, too.

Jan Michaelis, who heads up the Syntegon location at Viersen, said: “We expressly welcome the sale to a strategic partner who does business in the same industry and wants to make a sustainable investment in the location. This will lend fresh impetus to our business and create an excellent foundation for stability, sustainability, and future growth.”

After successful takeover, the site will revert to its former name “HANSELLA GmbH”.

Consummation of sale is subject to the approval of the relevant antitrust authorities. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of the year.


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