Syntegon releases first sustainability report

Syntegon recently published its first sustainability report, as part of a company commitment to create more transparency and allow stakeholders greater insight into its sustainability management practices.

The report offers information about the company’s environmental, social and responsible corporate governance practices.

“With the publication of this first report, we are underscoring the significance of sustainability as part of our corporate strategy and demonstrating our commitment to environmental, social, and responsible corporate governance practices,” said Dr. Michael Grosse, CEO of the Syntegon Group. “Our strategy is centered on our products: With our resource-sparing machines, we are doing our part to shrink the ecological footprint of pharmaceuticals and food production. And we are helping to make packaging more sustainable with our technologies and services.”

“What’s more, we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint. To this end, we are increasing our energy efficiency, sourcing more electricity from renewables, and reducing our emissions,” added Dr. Peter Hackel, CFO of the Syntegon Group. “Sustainability is not just a moral obligation; it is also a business imperative. With our strategy, we are laying the foundation for sustainable corporate management while also securing our financial development.”

Under the environmental area, a renewed focal point of the company’s was transitioning from plastic packaging to paper and more recyclable mono-materials. Syntegon also integrated lock-style technology in its Sigpack TTM cartoner platform in 2022, which is designed to reduce energy and material consumption.

Additionally, as part of a life-cycle assessment, the company developed a method of calculating the carbon emissions of equipment in its portfolio. It is now able to offer food and pharmaceutical producers a transparent view of the technologies’ carbon footprint.

As part of repsonsible corporate governance, Syntegon contributed to several United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, including ending hunger and ensuring healthy lives for all.

Under diversity, Syntegon has said it values diverse teams and sees the potential for growth in terms of gender representation. In 2022, the women in the workforce hit the 19% mark as the company aims to increase this to 25% by 2025.

Other highlights of the report include a commitment to training and professional development for its employees. With the Syntegon Learning World, the company offers its workforce a training portfolio consisting of 300 courses and 6500 digital training opportunities.

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