Sweetness on a stick wrapped in Top Twist or Flow Pack

Thee Garten

Theegarten-Pactec is offering a state of the art machine for the packaging of lollipops in Top Twist. The first Cut&Wrap machine of the revised EW7 was recently delivered to a candy producer in Malaysia. “We can see great market potential for the Top Twist folding style of lollipops, especially in Asia and South America”, Markus Rustler, Managing Director of Theegarten Pactec, explains the decision for a new version of the proven Cut&Wrap machine.

The EW7 forming, cutting and packaging machine wraps soft caramels like toffees and chewing sweets with lollipop stick in Top Twist. This machine type was already in the company range. Because of the growing demand in Asia and South America, the specialist in the packaging of small sized confectionery items has thoroughly revised the machine and brought it electronically as well as mechanically up to the state of the art.

The most important innovation here was the integration of a servo-driven wrapping material take-off. This thereby achieves an exact cutting accuracy of the wrapping material and a simple adjustment on format change as well as precise print image centring.

The EW7 conforms with all applicable safety standards of the Machinery Directives: all parts in contact with the product are executed in food grade non-corroding stainless steel. This provides the machine with increased protection from rust and fouling. Theegarten-Pactec also equipped the system with a modern machine controller and again implemented the company’s proven gear design for the transmission of mechanical motions in the new EW7. Fully automatic operation makes possible the control of several machines by only one operator.

With the packaging machine from Theegarten-Pactec the sweets manufacturer based in Malaysia is again relying on a long-term investment. The customer already successfully applies an EW7 version from the 1990s for the wrapping of its lollipops. The purchase of the new machine increases the capacities of the Asian confectionery item producer. The Kuala Lumpur-based company wraps 350 products per minute with the new machine.

Theegarten-Pactec is an experienced partner on the Asian and South American markets and represented with its trading partners in Southeast Asia and South America for over 50 years. The company offers its global customers a comprehensive technical service and ensures the best possible efficiency of the machines, quick troubleshooting on site and the continuing supply of spare parts even for machines which have been in use for several decades.

One of Theegarten-Pactec`s developments within the sector of preformed hard candies is the FPL5, a wrapping machine for lollypops in flow pack. The FPL5 is capable of wrapping up to 700 products per minute, depending on product shape and dimension. Products with a diameter of 15 – 30 mm and a stick length of up to 102 mm are wrapped on this machine. A vibrating sorting disk eliminates sugar dust, chips and broken pieces. A controlled plate feeding system guarantees to a high feeding efficiency. The machine speed is automatically reduced in case of a low filling degree. By means of the rotating feeding plate the lollipops are placed into the pockets of the separating ring. A removal wheel transfers the products from the plate to the lug chain. The chain feeds the products to the sealing unit. Three pairs of sealing rollers for the longitudinal seam and a cross sealing unit guarantee an airtight pack.


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